electronic stim after surgery

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electronic stim after surgery

I am going to call the doctor tomorrow but thought I'd try here too. I don't have a tens....the thing I have is called an H-WAVE unit. It is elec. stim, but 4 pads and more settings than the typical tens.


my question is this...how long after surgery did you have to wait before using stim?

I'm having a lot of nerve pain in my butt and legs. In the past using this machine 3 x's a day with ice. It did wonders and I didn't need meds, Except on rare occasions.

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Hi Anna, I am not familiar

Hi Anna,

I am not familiar with your kind of electrical stimulator, because what I have is a spinal fusion stimulator that was inserted under my skin at the time of the surgery and it works constantly for about 6 months, then the battery dill be dead. Now I assume you are talking about the kind of external stimulator that is used for pain control. Did the doctor say anything to you about its use? If not, this is definitely a good question to ask as probably how you use it is important. I am surprised they did not give you more instructions. But if you are having a lot of pain, you definitely want to use it. After all, it is there to control your pain, isn't it? :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

Hope you will get an answer soon and get pain relief even sooner.

Kin Wink ;) Wink ;)

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I got a call back from the OS

I got a call back from the OS this morning. It is fine for me to use the H-Wave several times a day, as needed. I have a booklet and diagrams of pad placement for different pain symptoms that I was given two years ago with the unit. IThe docotr and my PT said if I need a refresher, just call. The company also offers in home instruction, if needed. They send replacement pads in 3 month supplies with aloe.

I satarted using it today, and it was great. Hopefully I can keep it going.


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TENS is wonderful

My TENS unit is saving my sanity. It does so much for my thigh area, but doesn't do anything for the spasms in my lower leg. I have used it on my shoulder - since I use my arms more to do everything now - and has relieved the pain there. I was told to use it "as needed" and sometimes that need is at 2 in the AM. Have been known to be able to go 24 hours without it.

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H Wave

My PT's office recommended I get an H-Wave unit after surgery, but the PM said that those units are primarily for treating radiating pain into your legs. I've heard from a few folks that have used the H-Wave and they swear by it. Insurance can be tricky with it because it is fairly new and they want to start with the lowest level first (TENS).

The Ultra Sound treatment I got at rehab by far did more for my muscle spasms than the TENS unit. TENS worked good for short periods of time for me.


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