Hardware Removal - What to Expect?

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Hardware Removal - What to Expect?

I am looking at having my hardware removed (4 titanium screws and rods) from my 360 degree fusion on 11/2/07. Right now I am just waiting from my ortho to get the MRI, CT, and xrays so that he can see how much fusion (if any) I have at this point. When I planned the surgery, I didn't expect to need to get the hardware out, but unfortunately my hardware was contaminated with MRSA and I am unable to recover from the infection until the hardware comes out. We've tried aggressive antibiotic therapies but it's still there and unfortunately has the potential to be life threatening if it gets out of hand. For the past 11 months, we've only been containing the infection and have not been able to get rid of it so the hardware has to come out. I'm just wondering what life is like after hardware removal? Is it worse? The same? I appreciate any experiences that you can share with me! Smile

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Gave me some relief

I had hardware at 3 levels removed in July 2008. It did help with alot of the pain, and I was doing very well afer just a few weeks. It takes a little getting used to not having the metal in - feels a little unstable at first.
I overdid it and had a relapse with my legs going numb again.
Unfortunately I have scar tissue causing nerve inflammation, and another level going, so in my case it did not take care of all my problems.

Good luck - definitely is not as bad as a fusion!