HELP needed for rash/irritation under neck brace

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HELP needed for rash/irritation under neck brace

Surgery was 3.5 days ago (two-level cervical d&f), and I'm having a hell of a time dealing with irritation and some rashing under my neck brace, specifically on the front my neck and under my chin. I'm putting soft wicking fleece between my brace and my neck, and changing it every 12 hours or so. I'm washing and carefully drying (patting with a towel and cool air from the hair drier) it regularly. I've washed and switched out the pads every day. I'm being very careful to tuck in a napkin whenever I'm eating or drinking anything that could spill on the front of the brace. I've tried putting hydrocotisone cream with aloe and E on it (though keeping it away from the wound site, and drying it thoroughly before putting the collar back on). I've loosened it a bit from where they told me to wear it.

It's not getting necessarily worse, but it's also not getting better, and a month of this is going to drive me crazy.

Anyone have any other suggestions for what might help?

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I also had that problem

Does your brace fit you correctly? If not believe it or not i used a foot odor eater pad and lined the back of the brace ( my incision was in front) that way my brace was a more secure fit and I did not have movement with the brace anymore. Or perhaps maybe try baby powder. If it continues and you feel maybe the brace is not a correct fit, I would call your surgeon.
Oh how I HATED wearing that brace!

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I also had some skin irritation, and I got some men's tube socks, and cut it to fit over the brace...absorbed sweat, could change it often and still have clean ones! A pkg of 6 worked great!
Feel better!