hideous waiting time NHS UK

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hideous waiting time NHS UK

hi folks many of you know i am waiting for a discography and many of you keep asking when ?? so i was told by the surgeon in clinic about 6 weeks >>>> not too bad i thought but i rand the hospital to day and i was told 20 weeks to have a discography the another 20 weeks to be seen in clinic the another 40 weeks to be operated on !!! unbelievable but true

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We waited seven months for hubby's fusion

But I guess there is a trade-off. We're in Ontario, Canada and the wait was frustrating. However, we are not one cent out of pocket for the whole procedure, doctor's visits and hospital stay. I have three siblings with cancer and they had no wait time whatsoever to get treatment. Ok by us as their lives were in danger and they needed immediate treatment. While hubby's pain was agonizing, his condition was not life threatening. This is the price we pay for universal health care it appears.
Can you get on the cancellation list? That might speed things up although I am not sure how they do things in the UK.

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Sorry to hear about the delays Tony. I know you are a hurting digit, and this didn't "make your day" for sure! I guess there's no way to speed it up? Wow... *HUG*


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Not to be political here,

Not to be political here, but I sure hope we dont end up with socialized medicine here!!! It doesnt work! Hope you can get things sped up a little and that you are not in to much pain! Lela

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Your long wait

Hi Tony

This loooooooong wait is just what you didn't need.

Here in Australia, the waiting times with our public system are hideous too.

I have private cover and with the third neurosurgeon, it was a 6 month wait from making the appointment to surgery. That's nothing like the 80 weeks you have to wait.

Wish I could say something to make you feel better.

Hug >:D< Hug


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So sorry Tony

that you are having to wait for so long while you are in so much pain.
What happened to the 18 week rule??

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I think the 18 week rule

I think the 18 week rule flew out the window with the new coalition government (just in the week that I had my own surgery).

I know it's very disappointing, but I still believe the NHS DOES WORK!!! Well, in my case, and I still have every faith in it.

Your surgeon, as you said yourself, is an extremely busy man who often sees the patients that other surgeons won't touch, or have been damaged in the past. He's an expert and you have also said that you trust him and his judgement.

I know 80 weeks in total seems such a long time, but I think he'll be worth waiting for, don't you? You never know, after your discogram, things might happen and you may get seen sooner - you have to put your trust in their hands. What else can you do?

Try and use this time to improve your fitness. Go swimming (like you said you have before), try and lose a little weight if you can, stop (or at least cut down) on the dreaded weed (I'm still trying!!!).

I believe everything happens for a reason. This extra time is so important and you can use it in two ways - either get more depressed about the situation or grab it as a wonderful opportunity to do everything you can to be 100 per cent ready for any operation that may be suggested (if at all, who knows).

Your surgeon is worth waiting for!!!!

G-d bless, and I'll keep in touch OK Tony.

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thanks sue

i have written to my family doctor {that's how we keep in touch ] and told him about the 20 week wait as he would not be thinking it would be that long .he asked kath the other week in his own clinic .whens your husband having his discography Kath?;she just said about 6 weeks ..because that's what my surgeon told us in his clinic ...but like you have said sue the 18 week wait had gone and with people like my surgeon the 18 week wait was not working anyway due to his work load ..i too believe the NHS works but its run by clowns and ruled by lunatics!! i dont want to get political and i wont so please lets not take this thread there !! YES MR s is worth waiting for and as long as my family doctor keep supporting me ...and he will ..i should be able to manage ..i will look about 90 by the time i get on the operation table but that's life !!!
PS sue hope that you are still doing well phone me anytime