High blood pressure and surgery

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High blood pressure and surgery

Does anyone know if they will do surgery if you go in to the hospital and your blood pressure is high? Has this happened to anyone?
I have been taking my BP for the last few weeks it has been very high. It's normally not high. I went in for my pre admission testing and it was high there also.... i mean like 156/109, not just a little high...
I'm nervous because I am scheduled for surgery in 4 days and I don't want to have it postponed!

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Blood pressure can rise due

Blood pressure can rise due to increased pain. I always was low, (110/70) but as pain increased prior to my having surgery, my blood pressure was similar to your numbers. If concerned, why not talk to your GP or cardiologist about it... Also discuss it with the doctor that will be performing the surgery.

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they normally

give you medication for it .many people s BP raises in stressful situations like going to the dentist /hospital /doctors .they will teat your BP again once your admitted ..if its still high it will be up to the medical staff as to what they do .as long as your systolic is not too high you should be fine .anything around 160/90 once drugs are used will lower it down to around 110/70 .if its just a nervous thing .if you have any cardiac problems then it will depend on the degree of your illness as to what they do but with medications they can operate on almost anyone ..i would not worry too much .my BP shoots up as soon as my feet hit the car park of the hospital too! good luck

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