How to get rid of pain in between shoulder blades

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How to get rid of pain in between shoulder blades

I had a 3 level cervical fusion (c4-c7) in January 2010 but have chronic pain in between my shoulder blades. I just had another MRI done last month and am slightly bulging in my c-3 ad t-1 for taking on extra stress. I am just trying to get advice on how to get rid of his chronic pain and build/maintain a healthy spine so that I can prevent from possibly having to have this type of surgery again? I exercise on a regular basis, nothing to stressful on the spine.I do a lot of spinning/cycling. I haven't gotten really back into weights. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome to spine-health. I see you've had a big surgery previously. As for the pain between the shoulders, does it seem muscular or is it more of a nerve type burning (stabbing) pain?

If it is muscular, a TENS unit may help. I know it has helped me. Also, I take a muscle relaxant to help with some of the spasming in my neck and shoulders.

The other thing I do is to get triger point injections every 2 months to help with some of the shoulder blade pain. It does help to some extent. I still end up laying down a lot to relieve the pressure, and a good ice pack and heating pad are always available for me.

Tell us more about your situation. I would be very interested to hear.

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I find that cycling, especially spinning where I am leaning forward, places a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders. I ride an exercise bike several times a week, however I have to watch how much I lean forward. Moist heat is one of my best friends. I usually soak in the hot tub every night to release the tension and spasm in my neck and shoulders.


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I was told that I will be forever "tight", so was advised to stretch daily. Are you including stretching as part of your exercise regiment? Cycling definitely is stressful for the posterior neck muscles. Core strengthening is vital to a healthy spine. I would experiment to see which exercises help strengthen without straining. I'm still trying to find a good balance of exercises myself! Good luck.

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