How long off work after spinal fusion??

How long off work after spinal fusion??

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Anonymous (not verified)
How long off work after spinal fusion??

I had a spinal fusion of two vertibrae 4 weeks ago. I am in no mood to return to work. How long was everyone else off from work after their procedure??

bbower (not verified)
how long off work

I had my fusion February 3rd. I am still off work. I had a ct scan Tuesday and met with the dr. yesterday. He finally
authorized me to go back to work only for four hours each day and then on sedentary duty. My job was a lot of driving and chasing dogs. Good thing my boss has lots of paperwork for me to do.

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I had my fusion on Jan 29th,

I had my fusion on Jan 29th, and my 3month appointment is tomorrow at 8am (Friday), so I should be released then.

I'll letya know, if all goes as planned tomorrow 3 month recovery.

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Hello ~

I think 3 months might be a good guess. My surgeon told me that 6 months is not uncommon. It really depends on the job and how the patient is healing.

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I was about 5 1/2 months

I was about 5 1/2 months after my 2-level fusion before I was allowed to go back to work as a librarian.

I think you'll find a lot of variety - depending on everyone's job and thier personal recovery.

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4 months - working part-time

I am just a little over 4 months, just got out of back brace and started PT 2 weeks ago.

I am working part-time. A desk job, and even though I constantly get up and move around, by 10:30am I am very uncomfortable. It is so individual, but at one month I would not been able to consider working! Good luck~

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Mood for work. I like that.

At three months I feel pretty good, but my doc still has restrictions like bending, twisting and lifting anything over 10#'s.

My employer won't take me back until I have a full release. My doc says could be 6 months, but could up to a year.

For now I'm finally cleaning the house, hiking (walkin) and I'm gonna learn fishing. I just got a sweet ultra light recliner to go fishing with. It works pretty good.

pdowning (not verified)
how long after fusion

I think 1 month is way too early. I have asked the question myself. I had a ALIF fusion 6 weeks ago. Just saw the neuro surgeon and will return in 4 weeks. I think for me it will be about 3 months. The spine and muscles and energy needs to return, right now you're going at your own pace and the job (at least for me) is a whole different story. As my doctor and my husband remind me, let your pain and body be the guide. Good Luck

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how long

I am 4 1/2 months and just so ortho yestersay, dont even get PT yet. So working is off limits for a while. Six months min and probably 8 to 12 months.

kasinowoman6 (not verified)
had mine in 1/27/09

my l5,s1 was done in jan, just went to doctor last week i start pt now but he told me probably another 6 months for me to get released. he also suggested a different job for me.. but anyway it is person to person i guess with recovery. good luck.

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2 Weeks

I went back to work 2 weeks after my fusion surgery and again 2 weeks after my Hardware Removal Revision surgery.