itching since fusion surgery

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itching since fusion surgery

This sounds crazy and may have nothing to do with my surgery, but I have experienced increased itching since my 3 level lumbar fusion. I am now 6 months out and this started about 3 months post op. It began over the incision site and now runs over my entire back, shoulders and arms, my butt and down my legs. There are times when even my neck, face, ears and head itch as well. In other words, my whole body on any given day. I do not take any pain meds, stopped at 1 month post op, so it is not an allergic reaction to pain meds. Anyone have anything similar? Thanks

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I was going to say...

Pain Meds! That was my first thought... but since you aren't taking them, I'm sorry I don't know. Wish I had something to help you... Good luck Smile

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I had, and still haveon & off, extreme "internal" wound itching in the surgery site & surrounding areas, altho not as much as you, Phasti...

When I asked my NS, he said it's from the tissues, nerves & muscles healing & that it was a GOOD sign of things mending..

But all over? That's a new one! Esp if you're not on any opioids (morphine/dilaudid can make you itch, as can codeine)

Ask your doc. I just want to open the incision & SCRATCH some days--yet! Ice packs help, as does BioFreeze...sort of deadens the areas...

Keep us posted!

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Phasti, gosh no pain meds after 1 month You are a champ!!!!

you are obvioulsy doing well if that is the case. I really think this is worth mentioning to your Doc as it could be anything from a reaction to the hardware to nerve over- stimulation.
As it has been going on so long and is spreading it really is worth a visit.

What levels did you have done? Does it originate over those levels? Did you have BMP in your fusion or other stimulators?

Blessings Sara Angel