L1 / S1 Bilateral Laminectomy 6/10/2008 - Relapse of Symptoms & Pain

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L1 / S1 Bilateral Laminectomy 6/10/2008 - Relapse of Symptoms & Pain

My surgery went very well and I was on my way to recovery when last week I started having the same pain as I did before surgery. During surgery my Dr found that I had a fractured vertebrae @ L5 however does not want to operate until I loose some weight.

I had just come off of my pain pills and was feeling great and now I am back where I started. Pain & numbness in my legs and private area. My back just throbs most of the time. I stretch, use heat and ice to no avail. I have started taking pain and muscle relaxer medication again, which helps, but going to work in this condition isn't realistic.

I had a fusion in my neck @ C5/C6 in 10/03 which went well however my arms, neck, head & face are experiencing the numbness and pain I had prior to this surgery. My Dr / Surgeon has indicated that C6/C7 is in need of fusion as well as C4/C5.

Not sure where to turn or what to do.