L4/5 discectomy

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L4/5 discectomy

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I had a discectomy 7 days ago Jan 24th 2012. I woke up pain free. I had severe l5 nerve root pain running down my legs. Since the surgery I have been walking 3 times a day for 30-40 mins pain free. I have however noticed some hip and glute tightness. Feels more tight mucsles in my hip but not sure. Also I have some slight numbness in the arch of my left foot which I did not have prior to surgery. I am really happy with how surgery went but am worried with what I have experienced! Am I over doing the exercise. My surgeon said I should remain active and walk lots.


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Any feed back to recovery status?

May 12 I had my surgery for L4-L5, herniated and buldging disc. Prior I had start to have the systems of drop foot, so they did emergency surgery. Ps: I have been dealing with my herniated and buldging disc off and on for 5 years, but as soon as my GP noticed, with my own forcefulness, MRI, confirmed the concern of drop foot, I was in the hospital 3 days later,and surgery 3 days after that. I'm on my 7 week recovery now, I am doing in home Physio 2times a week, and do small walks to the end of the block with a cane. I do go up and down the stairs with out the cane and can walk around our main floor for a bit with out the cane, but tire and get it back. Can anyone reassure me that with this drop foot my nerves will dome back? I am on fentyonal patch 50mcg, 900mg of gabopentin, and am trying to start to slowly ween myself off the morphine pills; was taking 30mgs every 4 hrs, but have slowly started to get off them. I tried to go from the 30 every 4 hrs, to almost only 40mg per day. I think I might have dropped to fast as, today was a little frustrating. My back feels good, it's just from my knee down to my toes. I have feeling in the I big toe, second, ankle, it's the nerve that tells the brain from my knee to my foot to walk. I'm just so upset tonight therefore deciding to see if anyone else is going through this? Anyone out there that can converse with me? So upset today Sad