lumbar brace post surgery

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lumbar brace post surgery

lumbar support brace/posture belt

Can i get some advice please?? my doc did not prescribe any kind of support for my back post L5/S1 fusion surgery ( 18 june 2008), and now i have gone back to work i feel i need some kind of support for my lower back, just wondering if anyone has any advice as to which type to get, long, short, thick ,thin, with or without vertical bone/metal support strips, magnetic????? i have a heat pad which i use at night, but can only use for an hour as i get far too hot, and end up wet through!!! any help most appreciated xx claire xx


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My doc had a hard shell one

My doc had a hard shell one made for me. I have to wear it 24/7! Wish I didn't! I bought one years ago from a sports store-like a weight lifting one.

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My doctor does not want his

My doctor does not want his patients wear braces after fusion surgery as he feels the internal support should do well, plus this way we are forced to sustain thew right body position. Why do you think you need one? Are you doing more than you should, or don't you have a comfortable work station? But if you feel that some kinds of support would help you, why don't you call the surgeon and ask him for his advise. If he specifically doesn't want you to use one, he;ll let you know.

Good luck,


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Back Store

I agree, call your doctor for advise. If he is okay with whatever, do you have a Back store. We have one in my town which has all sorts of lumbar supports and you can go in there and try them on to see what feels good. I have a clam shell brace for 6 more weeks that I have to wear when I am up and about. Not necessary for sleep or just to BR. Good luck, Sue

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Back Braces

Back Braces for me have been Rx through doctors before and after surgery. Some of them are pretty expensive.

If you are just looking for posture support. My PT recommended Sammons Preston (on web) - Posture Support Corrector. I was 9 months out from fusion when I started to wear this one and not to expensive.

The other braces were two hard shell that I couldn't work in, TSLO style. I also had a Lumbar support corset style brace that was soft nylon with corset style comfort (not!). This one I used when doing a lot of bending and twisting, more lumbar support and what you see grocery stockers wear.

I suggest you let doctor know what type of strain or posture correction your looking for to see if he could RX one for you.

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the back brace

I wear was $1300. paid for through insurance. I think you should go to your doctor too and ask if he can prescribe one.

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I had ALIF L5-S1 July 30. I was fitted with a brace before leaving the hospital to wear anytime I'm out of bed. It's nothing fancy the guy molded it to my shape with a heat gun. I say it's not much,, I'll probably get a bill for $1300 LOL..

Savannah, GA

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I was given a velcro,

I was given a velcro, strappy, can-you-say-cinch-in-that-waist! one at the hospital. The pre-op paperwork I got from the Dr.'s office said I should wear it for 4 weeks.

I forgot to ask if I should really stop wearing it at 4 weeks when I had my apt. last week. Personally, it's great for holding my cell phone on my walks, even if it is incredibly sweaty.

When I looked in the grocery store, the braces on sale there are not much different than mine. They look softer, more cushion-ey, mine is just super stretch stuff and velcro, but the size is very close to being the same.

I've wondered what it's good for. Yes, it holds me straight, keeps me from slumping down (not that I think I could slump, even if I wanted to). But what would it really do if I were to fall, how could it possibly be strong enough to prevent any damage? Maybe it was there to also keep me thinking of my posture and to be a reminder that I need to watch what I am doing at all times?