Numbness in Tongue: from Pressure on Spine or Post-Surgery

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Numbness in Tongue: from Pressure on Spine or Post-Surgery

My tongue sometimes feels numb/strange when the pain/numbness flares up due to 5 weeks post surgery (removal of 2 discs in neck and implant of two bones) and/or symptoms of myelopathy. My surgeon rolls his eyes when I mention my tongue! However, prior to the surgery, my tongue elt strange or numb most of time, which increased with the flare up of my other spine-related symptoms. Post-surgery it feels relatively normal (what is normal now, anyway?!!) and only bothers me with the really terrible flare-ups.

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I'm 41 and suffer from a

:jawdrop: I'm 41 and suffer from a condition where my right hand and tongue go numb and I also forget things and names etc. I get a strange gassy taste in my mouth during the attack which lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. It is also followed by a severe headache which lasts for approx. 2 to 3 days after the attack. These attacks started when I was in high school and each one differ from the previous with regard to the symptoms ( sometimes the strange taste in my mouth is not present and other times I go blind in the right eye ). I had two neck op's but my condition just got worse after each operation due to spasma attacks in my neck and higher up towards my head. What am I suffering from and can anyone please give me advice as to how to cope with this? Thanks.

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I wish u the best of luck in finding out what is causing this. Before reading the post, I was wondering if there was a possibility of it being a side affect to a medication you are taking. Now, I am befuddled. I know it crossed my mind that if you spoke to (only spoke to) a chitopractor, they might be able to tell you what nerve and where it is located, that controls the tongue. At least it would be a start. I do wish your surgeon would take you seriously. Perhaps, if you did a bit of research yourself, you might know the proper questions to ask your doctor. Best of Luck in your endevor to find a cure and cause of this that is bothering you so very much.;-)
Best Wishes, BTDT

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hi jaycro

i had major neck surgery and had weird sensations in tongue but it went away two months after surgery.