Open MRI vs Closed MRI

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Open MRI vs Closed MRI

I recently had a closed MRI for my cervical spine. When I got the written report, the radiologist started it off with this.

FINDINGS: Please note that this examination is inherently limited for the detection of didease as the spatial resolution of 0.3 Tesla imaging is significantly inferior to that of 1.5 Tesla imaging.

The report then continued on with a load of bad news. I'm having a closed MRI on Thursday, and I'm worried about what they'll find. Has anyone had two MRIs on the same area, using an open and closed machines? Were the findings vastly different?

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. Mods, please move if you want.

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Closed MRI

The closed MRIs produce clearer just try to relax and think about the fact that you are ultimately helping yourself get the best diagnosis possible, etc.

Hopefully it won't show anything different -- just pinpoint with more accuracy what's there.

Hang in there ~

xx Gwennie

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Open vs Closed MRI

The OPEN MRI's just started to come into production a few years ago. They initial intent was to provide a tool to perform the MRI diagnostic testing for patients that were a) Claustrophobic or 2) Too obese to fit into the Closed models.
These Open MRI's provide good MRI images but not to the quality of detail and resolution as the Closed MRI's. The magnets used are just not that advanced.
However, recently a lot of progress has been made with the hardware used inside the Open MRIs. They are still not at the level of the Closed MRIs, but from everything I have read and discussed in a few short years both Closed and Open MRI will be able to produce the exact quality of images.

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
Dont laugh at me

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Do your best to get a closed

Do your best to get a closed MRI.. I recently had an open MRI and compared the images side by side and the open MRI images were awful (fuzzy and blotchy) while the closed MRI was so detailed, you could see the individual nerves inside the dura.

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As the others have said, the closed MRI pics are of better quality.


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MRI equipment

If insurance is paying the bill, I wouldn't settle for anything lower than a 2.0 Tesla MRI. 3.0 Teslas are VERY clear from what I have seen.

Keep in mind, for the spine, it may also be important to be able to stand in order to put a load on speculative discs.

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Ask your doc for something...

like valium that'll help you relax a lil during your closed mri. Thats what I have to do. That and take my muscle relaxer at the same time.

Good luck

Christina Hug

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Closed MRI

For spinal or head related MRI where I'm "in" the machine I have to have valium. Most facilities are open to that (your physician must prescribe it and you take it when you arrive at the facility). But they will insist you have a driver to take you home if you have the MRI with valium or any other type of sedation.

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hint to help on closed MRI

I took a valium before mine. Though they were surprised I didn't have a driver so I assured them I was going to hang out in the lobby and car afterward.

Hint: I found that closing your eyes before they slide you into the tube is key. If you don't know how big/small the space is . . .it isn't as big a deal. I am SO glad I did this.

I opened my eyes before she pulled me out and I am sure I would have been fine but thinking about it was making me very anxious.

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Sometimes they will play

Sometimes they will play music for you while you're in there. Ask them if they have that option. The very first MRI I had to take they played my favorite radio station for me. It helped a bit, though I'm not claustrophobic so I'm sorry if this doesn't help you.

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Turn up the music

Yeah they play music but once that machine goes, you can barely hear it. Ask them to turn it up.

Also, they do give you a 'panic' button too. I held onto that closely.