Rash on back and belly..can it be from hardware or BMP??

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Anonymous (not verified)
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Rash on back and belly..can it be from hardware or BMP??

Good morning all! Wave Just a question for you all spineys.

I had my level 2 ALIF on the 25th of September and now since I have been home, my skin in my back and belly has been breaking out in a rash. I don't have it on my legs or arms or face either, but I am wondering if I might be having a reaction to either the cages, BMP or PEEK screws etc???
Anyone else have any problems with a rash after surgery?? I know it's not the pain meds, cause I've been on them before and i never had a rash, so I think I am good on that. I have bathed and showered so I know I'm not "dirty" or have "bedbugs" /:)
Please let me know what you think.

Kim Hug

carr28 (not verified)
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Do you wear a back brace?

Do you wear a back brace? Sometimes when our body heat is trapped it can cause a heat rash even when it's not hot outside. Just an idea.

keecho (not verified)
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no backbrace at all

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keecho.....about the bmp

Keecho hi keecho i think there are threads in back and neck surgeries regarding bmp.........i dont have any rashes i had bmp used in me in a fusion from l4 to s1, i have alot of leg weakness i think the bmp stuff can overgrow and i think some people may have problems with it..but also people have had it and been fine......heah but look up the bmp stuff [back and neck surgeries.it could be that perhaphs ur body is healing maybe ??

Cali-Sue (not verified)
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Keecho, does the rash follow

Keecho, does the rash follow any pattern of where there was tape from your bandages? Tape is a frequent offender for causing rashes and irritations. The surgical drapes also have an adhesive on the edge that they stick to you during surgery to form the sterile field, and I have had patients break out in a rash from this as well. Do you have any history of metal allergies? I know there is a lot of talk of bmp complications, and while they do exist the likelihood is slim. My surgeon has used it in hundreds of fusions since 2002 and has never had a single case yet. So try not to worry about the bmp, that is what I am trying to do. There for a while it was like every new pain I thought my bmp must be overgrowing. But hey, it is in there already, so c'est la vi, lets just concentrate on healing.
Hug Sue

Angelback (not verified)
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It is unlikely that it is the BMP so stop worrying about that. More likey it is from heat or tape but either way any rash that doesn't go away should be chacked by your local Dr.
Blessings Sara Angel

jsbadger (not verified)
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I get a horrible rash from the iodine prep they use to clean the skin before surgery. Also from the bandages that are place over the site for the first day or so.
After my surgery I was very sensitive to anything touching my skin. I had bought this really nice lotion to use post op and when I put it on I broke out in a rash all over.
Have you been able to clean the area really well in the the shower? Some of those things they put on the skin in surgery are very hard to get off.
good luck-

keecho (not verified)
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yes I have...

yes I have been able to clean in the shower, and the rash is now spreading all over my legs, neck and back, even my arms by my pits! YUCK! The only place it hasn't gotten to is my face, for now at least!
I stopped taking my oxycontin to see if I might have a reaction to that, but the rash is still coming and out strong. My mother seems to think that it might be from the anesthesia, and that it's coming out of my body in a rash form. Who knows. I do go to the dr on Friday, so I will ask him then to take a look and see what he thinks. It just really stinks because I just can't get comfy to begin with and now this too!! ~X( ~X(
Oh well.
Take care you all!
Hope you can sleep!

Angelback (not verified)
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let us know

let us know what he says, I do feel for you as coping with one thing is bad enough without adding a rash to it.
I hope it isn't too itchy.
(icepacks are great for itch)
Blessings Sara Angel

itsalongwalk (not verified)
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Don't know but...

If I were you I'd go to doctors and get checked.

Allergy rashes tend to be small, all over itchy type but in cyberland we have no way of seeing it.

You should show it to someone. It has been 2 weeks now, not sure about allergic reactions to hardwear and BMP at all.

But you are so soon post op, better be safe than sorry. Angry

Angelback (not verified)
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How is

the rash now? Did you get to the Dr and find a cause?

Blessings Sara Angel