Spinal Fluid Headache

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Spinal Fluid Headache

i am 10 days post op discectomy lamienectomy 3 levels. also doc had to stitch nerve sac (think thats what its called.
recovering great had headache today then changed bandage and had pink stain 1/2 inch. called doc and was told to lie flat 24 hr. except bathroom.

anybody have experince with this any ongoing problems do i have to worry bout leak say 2 months from now
please reply

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I'm surprised there is not

I'm surprised there is not more feedback on headaches post surgery. Even though rare, it is still a serious issue. After all,the spine is connected to the brain and both are part of the nervous system. My neurosurgeon does both spinal surgery and brain surgery. I've been having headaches for 6 weeks, post spinal surgery; and even though I think the problem will turn out to be something pinching in my neck or upper spinal area, still my surgeon ordered a brain scan to be sure to rule out a leakage problem. First and foremost, talk to your surgeon, as you've done! Good luck and sorry for the lack of response on your post, and mine as well. If you do a site search on headaches, you'll find that there have been several others with concerns about this. Anyone who experiences it will certainly have concerns about it. I'd like to know how you do. Hopefully, your doctor's advice will take care of it for you!

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Dural leak headache

Hi asj & Annie: Just to let you know I did see your posts & was concerned....I had a post lammy dural leak from my 1st surgery at a week out...tried blood patch, lying flat, etc to no avail & needed my 2nd surgery to repair it....2nd surgery caused a lot of the problems that led to my fusion..

Re the headache: it is very bad, often starts (as mine did) at base of neck, stiffness there + acid/fire feeling in brain area, dim vision, hearing loss, nausea/vomiting, fver & you can't sit or stand, only lie down...was horrible pain & we tried everything to avert a re-do but in my case, the MRI showed where it was leaking ( & it was a big leak) so NS had to go back in & repair it... I had a visible seroma at the base of my incision as well. But sometimes there isn't any physical evidence, just the horrendous headache & extreme nausea.

According to my NS, a dural leak usual is caught during the oprocedure & repaired then, but some do start post-op & can begin anywhere from 1 week out (as mine did) to longer out....if you have any doubt, keep calling your doc. It is nothing to ignore, as it is a breach of your spinal canal, the direct port into your brain & can lead to menigitis...indeed my NS said I was about 24 hrs from developing that...

Keep us posted. I hope the lying flat helps. Have you had a blood patch? Sometimes they can work if the leak isn't too large.

My sympathy to you both!I hope everything resolves w/o invasive procedure.


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That is a scary experience,

That is a scary experience, Lakeside! I sure do appreciate this first hand account of your experience and am glad you made it through all of that. Thanks for sharing!