Starting PT post op fusion

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Starting PT post op fusion

I have been to my first PT session where they did my evaluation and then gave me my first exercises. I had a couple of days to work on them at home and returned for my next visit. On the second visit we went through everything I had done the first time and then they doubled up on the repetitions for each exercise. Not sure if increasing this much is normal, I was doing fine with what I started at but by doing so much where I kept lifting my back off the table and then laying flat again it really made my back sore. I know that I need to strengthen my back just seemed that this was a lot to start with.

They also did trigger point massage on my spine and not only did that hurt but made me nervous!

I am going back today and will be talking to the therapist. Anyone have similar experiences?

Skew67 (not verified)
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I started PT today

They was pretty light on me. Im almost 4 months 2 level PLIF. My hammies are the most problematic. They did heat then evaluated my ROM in hammies. I have 30 deg to make up but should feel better after that. They told me to say if anything hurts. I was a bit nervous but tell PT if it hurts. They should know what to do how far out.

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I was started on PT after my 8-wk checkup and getting rid of the brace at that time. Did 6 wks of PT, 3 x/wk, in addition did all the exercises and stretches he taught me and walked 2 miles a day, 7 days a week.

Marvelous improvement. I could feel myself getting stronger almost daily, with better range of motion, too. The strengthening of my core muscles did wonders to relieve the pain and spasms.

Now I'm finished with formal PT, but am still working; doing the whole routine plus walking the miles every day. Also seeing a neuromuscular massage therapist weekly, at my surgeon's recommendation, and seeing a lot of progress there in curbing the spasms and getting muscles loosened up. I'd say I'm over 75% back to "normal," and still noticing constant improvement.

I agree with Kev about feeling nervous at the beginning of PT. The stretching did hurt, but the Therapist explained everything as we progressed, and listened to my feedback.

Keep it up! Your recovery process will be accelerated by how quickly you are able to rebuild your core.


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PT can make you nervous at the beginning

Many of us feel nervous in the early days of PT, particularly when they start introducing core strengthening exercises, as well as the stretches.

As you did your homework and evaluated your surgeon before having surgery, equally you should do the same regarding physical therapy. There are a lot of PT clinics and therapists who will 'just go through the motions' rather than really fully understanding your specifics and tailoring a rehabilitation therapy package specifically to your needs and adjusting this at each session based on the long term objective AND how you are actually feeling on the day.

If you can, research the clinic and the therapist and look for one that specialises, and has a proven tract record in spine rehabilitation following surgery.

I am a very strong proponent of doing a structured PT programme for as long as you can afford both the time and $ to do it,

Keep positive!

Bruce old timer here and ex-moderator

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Things went better today!

I went in and let the therapist know that I was having a lot of pain from the table hardness as it is difficult to just lay on my back on something hard. She was great and moved me to a ball to work on the core strenghtening. That really helped! The rest of the stretches are for my legs which need more work than anything else!

I totally agree with you Bruce in making sure that you check out the PT as you would a surgeon. I chose a reputable hospital affiliated PT that specializes in sports med and trauma. They had no problem adjusting and customizing what I needed today.

Thanks for all of your help, starting to relax with the fact I am allowed to move again!

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Pleased to hear it

I am so glad you had a better day.
Yes the therapist aren't mind readers and we do need to tell them what we are feeling (oh except when we let out the occassional scream)- they get that one. Grin

I love my PT even though sometimes it hurts. I can really feel the difference in my core muscles and how much stronget they are now to first up.
The exercises I like least are the squats and bottom tucks as they pull down my back.

I hope you all continue to enjoy! :P
Blessings Sara

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I am scheduled for my first

I am scheduled for my first PT evaluation on Tuesday the 8th it will be exactly 4 weeks post op. I have had a PT come to the house and she really did not have me do anything just made sure I was moving and walking which I do. I may walk 1/2 a mile a day now and am just over 3 weeks, my surgery was June 10th. When I read you guys going at 8 and 12 weeks and feeling like its a lot its a little scary. I hope I am ready. After reading these though I will be sure to voice my concerns. Thanks, Sherrie

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great to hear about the PT

5 kids -

I'm so glad they started you on PT. Chris is just a few weeks behind you so I'm hoping that means the OS will give him the go-ahead for PT when we see him next time.

Good luck, Terri