T12 L1 Disc Herniation Surgery

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T12 L1 Disc Herniation Surgery

Hello everyone, I just registered here earlier today. It seems that the time has come to go under the knife, 1 minute I am okay with it and I say to myself let's get this done already and then a little while later I say "am out of my mind, I'll just deal with it". I haven't been able to find too much info on the T12 - L1 level that I have. I've been seeing a PM doctor for over 8 years for epidural injection @ L2 - L3 & L3 - L4. They would last 1 to 2 years the first series lasted 3 years. A couple of weeks ago I twisted my back and couldn't shake the pain off (left groin and thigh and right butt, numb right foot). My PM doc wanted a new MRI since my last 1 was a year and a half old and I just had a series of epi shots in March. The new MRI showed a new herniation with a "MASS effect" pressing into my nerves @ T12 - L1 in addition to the rest of the herniated discs in L1 - L4 that I have been dealing with all along. He emphasized I needed to see a spine doctor the next day. The NS I saw evaluated me and reviewed the MRI, it seems the herniation is extensive. I have no feeling in my left suprapubic area and unable to tighten my left quad muscle fully. The NS told my wife and I that I need to get this repaired surgically. He threw a bunch of stuff at us... cut a hole in the bone, 2 screws and a rod, he said it was going to be painful. My head is spinning, the NS said to come back in a week and he will go over everything in detail and answer whatever questions we have. He feels that I will have a very good outcome and I feel comfortable with the doctor. The surgery is set for 11/08. I will update after I see the NS this Wednesday with what procedure exactly I am having done.

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You owe it to yourself to get

You owe it to yourself to get at a couple more professional opinions and to do some research on the various surgical options.

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