triple fusion at c3c4c5c6, New here, first post

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triple fusion at c3c4c5c6, New here, first post

Hi everyone,

I am very nervous about my upcoming surgery. I have a neurosurgeon performing a triple fusion at c3c4c5c6. By looking at the MRI my spinal cord is flattened all the way through that area and the nerve endings exiting the column are pinched as well. I have my pre op appt at the hosp on Monday and then the pre op appt with surgeon on Thursday and the surgery the following Tuesday 11/18. I am a self employed tax pro and Financial planner. From the experience of the board here, how long before I could work from my house. I have the capability to connect to my office and do anything except meet with clients face to face. Although I could do Video calls I suppose. As you can probably tell from my rambling, I am quite nervous. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.


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Hi BFBarker snd Welcome

I haven't had any surgery and I have more lumber problems. But I'm sure someone will come along and let you know about the recovery time. Keep us posted how you do. Take care. Charry

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Welcome to Spine Health. It's very individualized as to how soon a person is able to go back to work or sit and use a computer after having a cervical fusion. Just remember to take it easy. Most of us when we start to feel better, become elated and then instantly over do things and send ourselves into a flare that knocks us on our tails.

Hang in there,


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Had similar surgery

bfbarker wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am very nervous about my upcoming surgery. I have a neurosurgeon performing a triple fusion at c3c4c5c6. Thanks

Hi bfbarker,

I had a triple level ACDF with grafts, titanium plates and screws on Sept 17. I also had spinal cord compression and crushed nerves. Keep in mind that each of us is different and recovers at a different rate. Also my opinions are just that and not medical advice. I have not yet returned to work but have a tentative return date, the second week of December. I can also work from home (most of the time) and access all the data I need remotely. I thought I would go back sooner but I have continued to have nerve issues with my right hand and arm as well as soft tissue disfunction in my right shoulder (think painful and muscle spasms). Anyway the thought of sitting all day (vs the less then an hour I do now) at a computer sounds too painful to me at this point. I am going for physical therapy and hopefully this will resolve some of the issues I am having. Again, each of us is different and you will have to see how you do after surgery.
Good luck,