UTI after surgery

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UTI after surgery

UGHHHHH! I have a UTI from the catheder. I came home yesterday after my 360 fusion. I had my cath removed Wednesday (surgery was tuesday) and had problems getting anything to come out. After the bladder scanned me and saw I had a TON of urine sitting in there , they had the CA straight cath me. I should have stopped her when she "missed" the first try, but I didnt. She tried poking a few times and finally got it. I know she went in the wrong area ...aka my vagina...right before she got in it in the wrong spot. I thought to myself...did she really just retry with the same tubing?? and sure enough she did,and she was getting urine out. Well,I felt relief then but now sit here with a horrid burning sensation and the urge to keep going to the bathroom. I told the nurse before they discharged me and her response was, "go home and drink cranberry juice, that should help". WTF anyway, I called my dr and they called in a RX for some bactrim. Hope it helps fast because I cant keep sitting on the toilet!!!

Sorry for the vent!


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It's Okay to Vent

I'd be angry too! The nurse who didn't know a urethral opening from a hole in the ground - what an idiot. Unbelievable! I hope you reported her to the Director of Nursing, and I sure Hug hope you'll be over that nasty infection soon. Love 'n Hugs, Essmoe Hug

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Catheter blues

Dear Traci,

I have had four major operations and three times had a UTi from catheterization. The first time they did not give me a permanent catheter, with the result that I could not get anything out, like you, and they had to use a catheter after all to empty my bladder. I did not get an infection then, but waiting for the nurse with a full bladder was torture. So I was glad to get a long-term catheter after the other surgeries - but then I had to cope with the UTI's.

When I renovated my bathroom I insisted on adding a bidet, even though the bathroom is small. This is a wonderful appliance; every woman should have it. If I have difficulty passing urine I fill the bidet with warm water and relax in it. If you have no space, buy a plastic sit-bath that fits over the toilet seat.

Good luck!