Vibrating Feet

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Anonymous (not verified)
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Vibrating Feet

Has anybody had the feeling like a cell phone is on vibrate and then placed on the bottom of your feet/ foot?

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Mine feel like they are loosing feeling- going to sleep alot. But not actually vibrating.

I have had the sensation of cold water (shower like) going down my butt and back of my legs.


jro (not verified)
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thanks...if you hear anybody mention the vibrating let me know. good luck on your surgery

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I have felt like the muscles in my back are vibrating after I had my lumbar fusion....funny huh? I've woken up to that feeling a couple times. Almost felt like I was lying on a cell-phone.

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jro (not verified)
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Yep, I understand exactly. I would take the battery out but can not seem to find it.

melissa65 (not verified)
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vibrating feet

I have been bothered by this sensation for a month. I came to the web to see if I was goingout of my mind or if other have this too! Did you ever find the problem? I think I am goingto have to go have it checked out. It is a very bizzare feeling.

abudrow (not verified)
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I've never had it in my

I've never had it in my feet, but do get that feeling in my thighs. Sometimes just for a few seconds, sometimes longer. I think it is a nerve issue.

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jro and Melisa

The extreme buzzing I felt in my feet and legs was probably the most constant issue I had prior to my diskectomy/lamectomy and 2 level fusion 4 1/2 weeks ago. My NS and neurologist said it was peripheral neuropathy (after having NCS and EEG) I was basically told it was permanent and that the surgery would not help. But when I woke up from surgery it was gone. I am so pleased. It used to drive me crazy. I hope you get some relief with yours, I know how maddening it can be. I was prescribed Lyrica for this problem, but I opted not to take it due to side effects. I continued to work up till one week before surgery and couldn't afford to be drowsy or to gain any more weight. Hang in there, I hope there is something that can be done for you.

Spicey (not verified)
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My feet "fiz"!

My thighs get the buzzing sensation, but in my feet it feels more like a fizzing sensation. When they aren't fizzing it feels like cold water is being dripped on them. It used to drive me crazy but now I'm kinda used to it I don't really notice it any more.

rsasparilla (not verified)
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Vibrating Feet

This exact same thing just started happening to me a couple of days ago. It feels like I have my foot on top of a cell phone that is vibrating but my shoe is on so it's very slight. It goes for maybe a second or a second and a half, then stops abruptly. Sometimes I go for hours with nothing, then sometimes it happens for minutes at a time. I have never had back surgery but do have a muscle problem in my upper back and some recent over-exertion has my upper back feeling "injured" like and achy. If you or anyone knows what this is or what caused it (or how I can get rid of it) I would love to know.


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I have at times a buzzing feeling in my thighs depending on how I am sitting. When I move it goes away. My OS thinks that it is nerve related due to all the surgey that I have had. Sometimes I will take Soma and it seems to help.