Week by week can do's?

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Week by week can do's?

Im week 1 after posterior micro D cervical c5/6 (no fusion)

Im wondering what other people were able to do and not do as the weeks went by. My pain levels arent too bad but have perhaps only 60% strength in one arm. Im hoping to be swimming gently by week 2, and would ideally like to be surfing and doing weights by week 6 or 7.

Could you please tell me what kind of exercises you did too? At the moment I have just been told to do walking and move my neck normally. What PT would you reccommend though?


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Hi TonyDisc

Hi TonyDisc...I've had lumbar micro D so the recovery may be different but I am doubtful you will be cleared to swim by week 2. Why? you won't want to be twisting your neck. Even if you were to use a snorkel there it seems it would be too early in recoverybut again I'm not familiar with cervical microD.

I hope others will pop in to give you an idea but I suspect you have a 2-week post op appointment in which you can get some answers.