What to do with bone growth stimulator after fusion, I wonder

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What to do with bone growth stimulator after fusion, I wonder

I can't help but wonder if the bone growth stimulators so many of us use have any usefulness after our fusion is complete? I use a Spinalogic with CMF technology and strap it on my back for 30 minutes a day, every day, same time. This is to continue for 6 months or until the doc says "stop."

In the past, I have used magnets for pain relief for shoulder injuries and neck injuries. Wondered if this gismo would have a similar healing effect on muscle tissue or if it is just for bone stimulation?

Anybody know anything about this? Kathy in Atlanta

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Stimulator Life

I don't know about your specific stimulator, but the one I had the rep told me had only so long of a life even with recharging.

BTW-did you know that the company can take the brain from the stimulator and download for your doc when and how long you used the stimulator? The rep from Medtronics told me that he has done it for an insurance company before when they suspected the patient was not really using the stimulator(work comp.)

This isn't directed at you, just something I thought was an interesting FYI.

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thats good to know, i just got my stimulator and im supposed to wear it for 4 hours a day for 9 months. i guess i better be very diligent on wearing it Smile

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Mine was programmed for so many sessions then it quit working. I was instructed to properly dispose of it.


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what to do with........

Good question Kathy in Atlanta.
I put mine in the closet so I'll have it to use when I have my next fusion. Now all I have to do is remember which closet it is in.