When Does Voice Return To Normal?

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When Does Voice Return To Normal?

Hi im 6 days post op and immediatly after surgery i had that deep raspy voice from the breathing tube during surgery which i expected iva had surgery a few times before.But its never lasted this long.Its 6 days post op an just as bas.Its starting to worry me.I have that deep smokers sounding voice.Will my voice go back to normal?Do you know if they can damage the vocal cords with those breathing tube things?And is it normal for it to be still so bad 6 days later?Was yours?I know this may sound like insignificant question to some people.But its important to me i dont want deep smokers voice the rest of my life.Any advice would be great thanks so much!

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Horse Whisperer.. hehe

I am 11 days post o and my voice is still horse and squeaky. My first surgery i didn't even have a sore throat, second one my voice was raspy and my throat hurt for about a week. Now it is starting to feel a little better and this is my 4th surgery. I wouldnt be too concerned. Um, maybe stop talking so much!!! LOL!

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Who knows?

I've just had my 2nd cervical surgery of the year. The first time my voice came back right away. This time it's a different story. With cervical surgery you not only have the tube to deal with but they actually pick up your trachea and all those other "parts" and put them to the side for the duration of the surgery. I suspect that my vocal cords are damaged to a small degree. I'm not sure what surgery you had but if it wasn't cervical chances are that the tube didn't come into contact with your vocal cords and you're throat just needs to heal.

Honestly, I had a deep voice for a chick to begin with. Now I sound like a 90 year old smoking sailor! I'll take it- the alternative sucked too LOL!

Just give it some time. Each person is different. Baby your voice and let it heal. Eat/drink whatever feels good. At your follow up ask the doc if you're still having issues.

Good luck,


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Have to agree with Griff

After my first surgery things got normal in about 6 weeks,but after my second cervical surgery, I am a little over 12 weeks out and am still having problems swallowing, not sure if some new hardware is in the way or something else is going on. Will be asking the OS next week about it. Hope things get better for you soon.