L5-S1 facet arthritis

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L5-S1 facet arthritis

new to site, have been having pain in my hip for the past year, originally diagnosed with bursitis of the hip, received three injections in the hip area s with no relief, then saw a different doctor, had a mri and was diagnosed with facet arthritis of L5-S1 joint last month, have had 1 injection and no pain for about 1 month, however it is starting to return. The doctor said something about inserting an aspen spacer. Has anyone ever heard of this? I'm not able to find any information on this. Thanks for any information.

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I have never heard of the aspen spacer. I do however suffer from arthritis of the facet joints and know how painful it can be. Good luck and maybe someone else here will be able to give you info.

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i have not heard of this spacer either, i have osteo arthritis in facet joints L4/L5.
good luck sorry i cant help just wanted to let you know you not alone

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Welcome to the board ~

I don't know for sure either, but, in general, a spacer is used to hold the space between two vertebrae so that you don't have bone on bone contact and resulting nerve compression. They are used when there is degenerative disc disease or other arthritic problems.

I am not familiar with "aspen" spacer. Another type of spacer is the x-stop. If interested, you can learn about it here: http://www.xstop.com

I do not know if this is similar to what your doctor recommended, but you may find it interesting anyway.

I hope you are under the care of a fellowship-trained spinal specialist. Do not let anyone else operate on you!