Non-Drowsy Muscle Relaxants?

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Non-Drowsy Muscle Relaxants?

Does anyone know of any muscle relaxants that don't make you tired?

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Research BACOLOFEN, they are very good Grin

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Have you tried Norflex? I take it in the mornings because it doesn't make you sleepy/tired. My doctor prescribed it after I told him the others made me feel so bad. I take Flexeril at night. Hope you find something that works for you. Good luck.


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I just switched to Baclofen

I just switched to Baclofen from Flexiril a couple of days ago. The flexiril made me drowsy, and didn't seem to be working too well. The Baclofen, all I could say after taking the first one is WOW, and it didn't make me drowsy either!! I hope I don't build a tolerance to it...

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Muscle Relaxer

Hello -

I think that I've been on just about every "common" muscle relaxer prescribed by Docs and I've FINALLY found one that allows me to function decently after taking it. The med I speak of would be "Xanaflex" and it comes in 2, 4 or 6mg tablets...and one tab when feeling the on-set of spasms has worked fantabulously for me, without blurring my mind.

You might want to ask your Doc for a few samples (that they routinely get get from their drug reps)...and see how they work for you, before actually getting a big script for them.

That's my two-cents worth..take care and best wishes to you!


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Thanks to you all!! This is

Thanks to you all!! This is a great help, as I can actually ask my doctor about specific scripts!