pain medicine contract

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pain medicine contract

Here is a link to a standard pain contract.

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Great Idea

That looks close to the one I signed with my GP, who for now handles my pain medication.

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I have been seeing a PM Dr. for about 6 years now and I have never even seen a contract like that. I hear all about them, just never seen one.

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Someone should have proof

Someone should have proof read that pain medicine contract!!!!! Looks like a ten year old wrote that.

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it should just say

"Guilty until proven innocent".

Anyone notice you sign-away your basic human rights?:
" I agree to waive any applicable
privilege or right of privacy or confidentiality with respect to these

or that in a "contract", both sides state what they will do and in this case, the doc promises nothing except to kick ur azz out?

contract: "an exchange of promises between two or more parties"

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Mt Dr has one and it is

Mt Dr has one and it is actually very good and informative. They need to do it to protect themselves. I am close to some of my Dr assistants and they have hundreds of calls and requests for medications and get bombarded with more and more patients who do not have chronic pain but an addiction. It really does hurt the people who need the services of pain mgmt not psychiatrists or addiction rehab

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Do you really....curious

I don't have a pain specialist...but was they really have you bring in your unused meds at EVERY visit?? Is that so they can count them to see where you are in your script? Just wondering cuz that would seem kind of intrusive...especially since we have probably ALL been there where we need to take maybe an extra or two a day...then even out the next.

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pain contract

I'm not required to bring in unused pain medicine. I was surprised to read that you can have alcohol if you're not driving. On my contract, we're forbidden to have it at all. This is fine b/c you cannot mix alcohol with muscle relaxers or opoids, and I haven't had one drink in 3 years in fear of getting sick.

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Fusion L3 to S1 Oct 07

I had my surgery in Oct of 2007, I was fused from L3 to S1 with 8 screws two vertical rods and one horizontal rod. I attempted to return to work in Feb 08 with the Postal Service. It was not pleasant at all. On March 10 they had me unloading mail and a container of mail fell on me and knocked me to the floor. Since this I have torn muscle on my left side of my incision that seems to not be healing. I also injured my tailbone in this accident. I am still having pain and now have no reflex in my right leg. My surgeon won't see me because he does not want to be involved with worker comp with the government. I am not sure how to go about getting help and finding out that I don't have any reflex in my right leg is kind of scaring me. Is it normal to not have reflexs after a surgery like this? My pain management doctor is telling me I may have a failed fusion.

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new to site-dr wants to put those electrode stimulaters in back

I have 2 ruptured discs (L5-S1 I think) scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, and stenosis. I am not a candidate for surgery because I am allergic to steroids that are given during surgery and because I am also allergic to all pain medications. I have been in anaphylactic shock 4 times (3 of those were in the hospital because of medicine they gave me)and when I had a hip replaced I was put on morphine the first day. I had hallucinations and absolutely no pain relief. It was the worst day of my life. Finally they gave me codiene and valium and I was fine. Since then I have become allergic to codiene and to Tylenol, among other drugs, so it looks like the electrodes are all that is left.

I want someone to tell me they work wonderfully! Or if they don't work the first time they can keep trying until they do.
thanks so much!

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signed contract

i had to sign CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AGREEMENT with dr. cant drink or use illegal drugs, randum urine test to see if you are takin meds and if your taking other street drugs, random pill counts. they can call you anytime for any reason and you have to go down that day and submit to test or pill count, but they are very good about it so far. usually there has to be a red flag. i also have to inform them right away if another dr, give meds. and i have to tell other dr,s that im on this and who im seeing.