supplements for nerve repair

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supplements for nerve repair


I just found out that an epidural cortisone injection actually caused some nerve damage. My sciatic nerve is really irriated and causing me pain. I'm on Lyrica and waiting it out.

Has anyone tried nutitional supplemnents for nerve repair? How about Metanx? It is a prescription B vitamin complex.

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After my surgery June 2007, I was taking a lot of supplements, one of them being Benfotiamine which is a derivative of vitamin B1 (Thiamine)to help repair nerve damage. (

Honestly, I don't know how much it helped with the nerve damage, but it is supposed to be effective.

I also supplement with DHA everyday, and I notice that when taking higher doses, I feel a little better. Most people supplement with fish oil, but being a strict vegetarian I get my DHA (and EPA) from a supplement made from algae.

Sorry about the nerve damage, I know how you feel. I'm waiting to see my neurologist after a cortisone injection two weeks ago increased my back pain and I'm also having pain, numbness and weakness in my left leg, which wasn't there before. So now I get to deal with chronic back pain on top of two useless legs.

Good luck Carol!

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Yes, Vitamin B complex and

Yes, Vitamin B complex and in particular Vitamin B1. Prescribed to aid nerve repair after nerve damage.

I was prescribed it by my surgeon after my laminectomy and fusion surgery to aid sciatic nerve healing and also by my neurologist to aid nerve repair after suffering facial paralysis caused by Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Keep positive!

Bruce old timer here and ex-moderator

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B-12 shot

A B-12 shot always helps me

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As my nerve was decompressing/regrowing/healing whatever it was doing while hurting me -- my dr checked my B12 levels & they were on the low end of normal and in previous bloodwork they were always on the high end, so he gave me a series of B12 shots. I think it was 6 in a row.

I'll tell you -- by the seond one I felt a HUGE difference! I'm pretty skeptical about that kind of stuff too. But -- I hadn't started any new meds or anything for weeks before that! Since that round he has me taking dissolvable B12 - minimum 1000 mcg - since some people can have difficult time digesting B12 from food/supplements that you swallow. I still have nerve pain, but when I get lazy and stop taking them -- it seems the pain is worse!


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After my fusion surgery I was getting alot of cracks in my lips etc which is a sure sign to me that I am low in Vit B. So I started taking suppliments and eventually got a blood test which showed low folate and Hb as well. SO now I have Iron and folate as well as B complex and magnesium.

Funny how our bodies tell us what we need.

Sara Angel

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I have 4 herniated discs in the lumbar with servere sciatic pain and have tried almost everything but surgery. I just head about b-12 shots and was curious how often do you get them?

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EGGs Give vitamin b12 naturally

hello does any one know that 2 eggs a day gives you the vitamin b12. But I am not sure how much you need 2 eggs gives you the daily requirement set out on the RDA scale .
Does anyone know how much you need to help repair the nerves and what measurement is used?

I am also a vegetarian and wonder what supplement you get from algae. Carole please could you tell me what it is . Wave

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Magnesium Oxide

My neurologist started me on it years ago. It is known to be good for muscle and nerve health issues.


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I just bought a bottle of B12

but wasnt sure if I should start taking one a day until I spoke to my doctor. Do a lot of you take it? What mg? Does it ever interfere with opioid meds?


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