5 day prednisone

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5 day prednisone

Prednisone is helping I am on the second day of 5 day treatment. How long will it help the pain from my bulging disc in c4c5? when the 5 days are over will the severe pain return?

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Prednisone turned it around for me.

I went on the five/six day dose pack and it turn almost 80% of my pain off on the third day. Some pain came back later but no where near to the extend of my original pain. I firmly beleive it was the push my nerves needed to get the inflamation down.

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I had to have this therapy after my very recent microdiscectomy at L2 from a huge bulging disc that resulted in the most severe leg pain from surgical swelling. The pain was gone and never returned. However; since the actual cause of your pain, ie, the bulging disc remains you may have continued flair ups until you take care of the cause. My microdiscectomy was a minor two hour operation 3 weeks ago that solved my excruciating number 10 pain problems. You may want to discuss with your doctor. Best of luck

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5 day steriod burst

Hopefully this burst helps you long-term. I have a severly herniated L5 and did a 20 day course of prednisone that started with 60mg a day for 5 days and down to 40mg and then 20mg and then 10mg. I needed another course about two months later and they did a 40mg five day burst. I ended up having a reaction - the docs called is a steriod phychosis - felt like I was coming out of my skin (very stressed) blood pressure was through the roof. It was weird as I had successfully took drug a few times before without incident. There is no doubt the drug reduces inflammation, which will more then likely return. What type of pain are you having? All the best, Mike

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bad news about 5 day prednisone

I also have bulging disc in c4c5? and when i took the 5 day prednisone pack after I got my MRI I thought I was completley 100% fixed/better then (the bad news) was when I came down from the prednisone a week or 2 later I was in very serious pain again...

Honestly dont get your hopes up...enjoy the presdisone while your on it because it feels like the greates drug ever...