Baclofen vs. Zanaflex

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Baclofen vs. Zanaflex

I know medications effect everyone differently, but I was wondering which muscle relaxant is more effective for people. I have taken zanaflex, both the tablets and capsules, for about three years. Does anyone find baclofen less sedating than zanaflex? Please feel free to share your experiences.

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I started off with Baclofen and in a few months maxed it out dosage wise and it became less and less effective. I preferred the Baclofen because it was not sedative to me, however it was very short lived in effectiveness.

So I titrated down on the Baclofen and up onto Zanaflex over a period of a couple months. The Zanaflex works tremendously better but as you know can be very sedative. I take both the capsules and tablets. One thing I found that I had to be aware of, is that if Zanaflex is taken with food or within about an hour of a meal, the blood plasma levels of Zanaflex are increased nearly 30% (according to documented testing) and it can knock me down for a short period of time. Fortunately I am in a position where I can stop and take a short nap to get through it if need be.

I would like to get away from the Zanaflex eventually, because it does mess with my blood pressure more than I like. I've tried so many other muscle relaxers and anti-spasmotic drugs though, I'm not quite sure what is left to try. So for now I'm grateful for the relief the Zanaflex brings.


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Baclofen vs. Zanaflex

I had a similar problem to Haglands. I was on Zanaflex first, and another one that I can no longer remember, went to Baclofen, which really worked well for the muscle spasms and the spasticity problems, but over the course of time, and increases, it seemed to stop being as effective. I tapered off the Baclofen ( you must titrate up in dose and down in dose with baclofen- never take more than prescribed and never just stop taking it all at once) and went back to Zanaflex, which is okay, but nowhere near as good as the Baclofen was.