Do Doctors' offices offer shots for pain relief?

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Do Doctors' offices offer shots for pain relief?

I was curious if your doctors offer pain shots? I have heard some people on this forum say they have received shots at the office. In fact, my ex sister in law went in for a migraine, they gave her a shot of pain medication and sent her home. I think that this could be a wonderful benefit to us chronic pain sufferers. My reason being, Ive had 2 ER visits this year because my pain was severe and I had been throwing up for 4 days due to pain. If this was available, I would go to my dr for the much needed relief, save a few thousand dollars, I dont know. Of course if Drs do offer this, Im sure there would gave to be a pain contract or agreement between the two of you. Thinking I know some contracts have limitations on going to the ER. What do you guys think about this subject? Is it available to you? If it was, would you consider uing it in extreme circumstance? Wave

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Hi Mom in pain

You can contact, or your Doctor home health care. The Doctor prescribes the meds and the visitng nurse gives injections. Depends on where you live though. I'm getting trigger point therapy and I go home after those shots. Not sure if you're looking for that though...Charry

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I have to agree!

Smile i have to agree with Paul. those shots are not to be given lightly. i don't feel comfortable having that kind of injection available so readily. Jenny Smile

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Why? Do you need something like this? I always see the BD Sharps collector full of stuff at my PM's offices, but I dont know what the shots are.. I'm sure they've got morphine around somewhere for obvious reasons. I don't think your PM would want to do that, but rather just get you something for breakthrough pain on those terrible days, to complement your current meds.



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Hiya >:D<
Doctors (gp) has given me injections of morphine Hypnotized he also gave me diazapan, the idea of him giving me so much medication was so that i would relax mine spine Surprise , but that was when my back went and i couldnt move i was in so much pain:''( . Check it out with your doctor.good Luck! Wave

Angie x

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pain shot

I have gotten shots from my family doc.(GP)
and from my rhumy,and once from my neurologist.
I do not have a Pain Management Doctor.

At times when I have gone in for pain the doc will give me a higher dose shot and then send me home with a script, this for me helps to get my pain under control the shot is usually much stronger then the medication he prescribes.

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I used to get pain shots at my PCP, until I told them I was a pain mgt patient. I am just following my contract. If it's something else not related to my back that causes me pain, I'd either call the pain clinic and let them know and/or go to the PCP and have them contact my pain doc first.

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I think it depends on what

I think it depends on what medication you're talking about. I've had shots of Toradol-an NSAID-several times (PCP and PM offices both) at the Dr's office, but never anything narcotic/opioid. That doesn't mean they don't offer the stronger stuff (if you have a driver that is) but I've not heard of it/had it done. I think it might be a good idea to broach the subject with your Dr when you see him next. Just put it the way you have here, that it could save a trip to the ER as well as lots of money. My Dr. is always making sure stuff is going to be covered by medicaid before he orders it and always points out what would be cheaper, etc. because he knows how poor I am. I'm sure not all docs are like that but you should talk to your doc about this and see what he has to say on the subject? Ya never know, might save you a lot of money!

Let us know if you do ask...I'm curious what other Dr's do offer via injection in the office.

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Agree with Tanya...

It is probably going to depend upon the doctor. I've only had a Toradol injection at my doctor's office and one at Urgent Care (both were for migraines). I was throwing up so bad with the migraine for about three days, I ended up dehydrated and at the ER getting fluids, phenegran and right before they sent me home a shot of demerol. The doctor's offices around here do not stock any narcotics at all. Do not know about the Pain Mangement Clinic as I have not been there yet.

I, personally, would only get a narcotic injection if nothing else was working and I could not function at all, but it would have to be extreme.


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Last month I had 10 facet injections at the same time. It was pretty brutal. When they wheeled me out, the nurse took one look at my face and immediately gave me a shot of something she said would "take away the pain and make me happy for the rest of the day", so I'm guessing most PM doctors have some narcotics available.

Also, when I was 9 months pregnant with my son, I had an awful UTI and couldn't stop throwing up. My OBGYN felt that was unsafe for me and the baby, so she gave me a shot of something that totally knocked me out for 24 hours straight. Sometimes I think something like that would be a blessing for super bad pain days, and I'm sure most doctors carry those types of meds. Don't know if you could convince them to use on you though.

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Just to clear things up

I was only wondering this because of other posts through other members. I kind of got some nasty comments to me from other members about this post. I was simply starting a discussion because I personally do not have a pain management dr, there are none where I live or in the surrounding areas. My general dr takes care of me for everything so I know NOTHING about what pm drs do. I have heard others talk about going to their drs and receiving these pain shots, and am going to ask my general dr, which I doubt she does, but when the pain gets so bad that I cant control it at home, ~X( it must be nice to have this sort of option.