Duragesic (fentanyl patch) - can it be removed and re-applied?

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Duragesic (fentanyl patch) - can it be removed and re-applied?

Can anyone tell me if the patch can be removed and re-applied. Say, if I want to go swimming or something for a little while, or for any other reason I may want to not have it on for a short period.

If it is possible, how often would be safe to do it before it wouldn't re-adhere?

Many thanks for replies.

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I would think..

not...to get the greatest potency, you should probably not take it off. Do you take it off when you shower?? Just place it on an area that is covered by your swim suit. If you need Fentanyl, you probably don't need to interrupt that adhesive.

Take care,


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Hi Beka

You can buy tagaderm a transparent waterproof dressing overtop of the patch. Call your Pharmacist to see if they have any dressings there and double check with them if it's okay to do this. TC. Charry

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I don't

Hi Beca...
I purchase occlusive bandages that are clear ( and ludicrously expensive) and do not come off until I forcibly remove them. They are totally water proof and they allow me to not have to worry about adhesive failure...which,for me, has always been a big problem. Wishing you the best-

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Thanks for the replies. So

Thanks for the replies.

So it actually affects its effectiveness to be pulled off and re-applied does it?

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yes, they dry out quickly and won't re-adhere. You would have to put tape on it. And they say if if it gets punctured, to throw it away. It will release the drug to fast. Very dangerous!

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Tegaderm works so well, but

Tegaderm works so well, but even at wholesale (cousin works for medical supply wholesaler) They are like $9 per square. Ridiculously high.

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I bought my tegaderm on Amazon. A box of 100 that covers my 75 Fentanyl patch perfectly only cost $30. Thats a pretty good price. At the drugstore it was costing me about $1 a square. I change my patch every 48 hours so a box of 100 squares lasts me over 6 months.
You really do need a cover for these patches as theyre not that great at adhering to your skin in the first place. Tegaderm works perfectly and doesnt come off until you pick it off. You dont have to worry about swimming or bathing or getting it wet. I bathe everything night and have no problems at all.
Do NOT take the fentanyl patches off for any time period. Why would you need to take them off for any amount of time at all? If your pain level is high enough that you need to be using fentanyl in the first place, you wouldnt even WANT or THINK about taking them off and interupting your pain relief.

Just my thoughts...

Christina Hug

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Removal of patches

hi there I have tried to remove patches recently once when I had to go for an MRI scan and there was no chance that I could reapply it later, within 40 minutes it had dried up and was useless.

WARNING: if you are going for a MRI scan it is worth thinking about removing the patch & thoroughly cleaning the area of your arm before you get there!!

The nurses made me scrub my arm three times with medicated spirit and brown paper towles incase there was any residue metal from the metalic lined pouches the patches come in and boy did it hurt afterwards - had I have known I would have done it myself with warm water and a soft towel!!??!!

Could anyone tell me what the product is that is referred too in various threads?? - obviously a plaster or bandage of some sort - don't know the name - various differences between UK and the rest of the world in product / drug names

Thanks Ian

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I use the 3M Tegaderm Patch

I use the 3M Tegaderm Patch during the winter and switch to the Tegaderm HP (Holding Power) patch during the summer or when we are in FL and I end to sweat. The HP patch will be used 24/7 when I use up the remainder or the standard patches.

The size I use is 2-3/8 x 2-3/4 HP and they work extremely well. I change patches every 72 hours.

Cost: $48.75 per 100 patches.

Good luck.