Has anyone tried vimovo?

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sue in ohio
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Has anyone tried vimovo?

I was on mobic but had to stop it after 6 days as it caused severe nausea, stomach pain, and some diarrhea. The next time I see my pain doctor in August for some more trigger point injections I am going to ask about trying the vimovo which is a combination of naproxen/nexium. This won't help the fibro pain, but may help the severe arthritis in the facet joints of my low back and the degnerative disc pain in L2/L3. I so pretty well with the over the counter aleve so thought I would look into the vimovo. It is very new so there are no reviews on rxlist yet. It is on my formulary list so I can get it for $30 a month or a 3 month supply for $75.

sue in ohio

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New meds

I would not be going with anything that new where its not been out long enough to see what the long term side affects is. Its bad enough already taking some of these meds thats been out for years and finding the right 1 that agrees with a person. All these meds have some side affects on a person some just more then other. New meds come out all the time and next thing you know few years later they pulling it off the shelf realising it not as good as they thought.

I personaly would just stick with something thats been around for a while in my opinion. The disc pain is diferent from the fibro pain because one is having to do with nerve and other is probably discogenic pain so i am not sure if any med alone works for both. You would think by now they would have 1 pill that would work for both nerve along with the other pain. But then again i am sure there is more money in it for them not combining the 2.

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all Vimovo really is is

all Vimovo really is is Naproxen and a med for your stomach...heartburn...

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i have tried this once before, it had no immediate relief on me so i stopped using it

sorry not much info i can provide..