Lidoderm verses Fentanyl Patches ?

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Lidoderm verses Fentanyl Patches ?

I have been reading up on Lidoderm patches mainly for my hip pain which is from bone spurs in both of my hips.
If the F patch ( 75 mg every 48 hrs ) does not help what hope do I have for the L patch helping?

Plus the L patch from ( link below ) sounds as risky as my current F patch. So I would be taking a double risk.

Does anyone here use both of these?

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They are a completely

They are a completely different mechanism.

Fentanyl patches contain a systemic opioid medication. You absorb it through your skin, but then it goes into your bloodstream and acts the same as other opioids you take orally (the reason you don't usually take Fentanyl orally is that our bodies don't absorb it well that way). They are a very long acting medication, so at the right dosage you probably won't feel anything within maybe even several days of starting them.

Lidoderm is a local, topical anesthetic. It does spread some, but the idea is that it works on the area right around where the patch is, as soon as you put the patch on. Some might be absorbed, but most of the benefit is from what goes right to the nerves around the patch area.

So they really aren't the same thing at all. I put my Fentanyl patch on my chest, because it doesn't matter where I have it, the pain medication works on my brain. It is a strong opiate medication, with all of the risks thereof, only for people who have been on opiate meds before.

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The Lidoderm Patch

Basicly numbs the area that you place it over. If you use the maximum amount everyday you could develop some systemic side effects. That is why I have been using one a day; and for me, feel safe using it.


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Hi Beth...

Waving my arm... over here!

I use both of these patches. The Lidoderm works really well on my hips, my IT band pain, knee pain and anywhere else I place them.

Sometimes I need the maximum 3 patches for 12 hours and there are days I don't need them at all.

Since starting the Fentanyl patch, I haven't been told to decrease or stop using the Lidoderm patches. But, as Lisa stated... I also believe if I used the maximum amount each day... it's quite possible to have some systemic side-effects. But, to date, I have not had any.

Please keep us updated, as I would be interested to hear if you are given any warnings with using the two together.