Soma vs Zanaflex

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Soma vs Zanaflex

My doctor just switched me over to Soma from Zanaflex. Her rationale was because she increased my Cymbalta dose which can impact liver functions, Zanaflex also hit the liver... So eliminating Zanaflex and switching to Soma should help my liver.
I thought Zanaflex was the best muscle relaxer I ever used.
I used Soma about 20 years ago and all I remember is that it worked, but relaxed every muscle in my body, EVERY one.... So that wasnt the best...
How about others who have used both muscle relaxers?
Got any input?

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Not both

I take Xanaflex as well and have never been on Soma, but Xanaflex affects "all muscles" as much if not more than Soma - which is why it is usually muscle relaxer of choice for severe chronic spasticity such as Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy, even over Baclofen. I read the insert on Xanaflex regarding liver toxicity and have had concerns as well - esp. since I push close to 2.5 gr+ Tylenol per day. Needless to say - don't drink!
Wish I could offer comparison of Soma vs. Xanaflex, but IMHO Xanaflex is more powerful than Skelaxin or Flexeril.

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Hi Ron

I started taking Soma when I first herniated my lumbar discs and it worked very well for me. It did mellow me out and did a good job relaxing my muscle spams. When I went over to PM, my doctor changed it right away to Zanaflex. I wasn't sure why he did, but later found out that Soma was thought to be more addictive, esp when paired with Vicodin or Percocet. I can take up to 8mgs of Zanaflex 3x's day if necessary. I'm sure the Soma will help you out a lot; I did well with it and it worked for me. Take care

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Hi Dilauro, I took Soma

Hi Dilauro,
I took Soma years ago, 350 mg, 4 times a day and it worked well for the RSD and muscle spasms that I had at the time.
I took Zanaflex when the muscle spasms were horrible after my first back surgery and it worked pretty well for a long time, 4 mg, three times a day.
If I had to compare the two, even given the two diifferent situations, they both worked well for the purpose they were given for. I think that you will be fine with the Zanaflex. I know that now a lot of doctors don't like patients on Soma, because it can be addictive, but I had no problems stopping it after being on it for 7 years.
I switched to Baclofen last year, and in my opinion it does not work as well now as it once did. So I am going to ask my PM tomorrow to switch me back to the Zanaflex, of course, now I have to taper off the Baclofen first...should be fun.
Anyway, I wish you much success with the new medication and that you find it works well for you.

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Zanaflex has a very heavy

Zanaflex has a very heavy impact on your liver function, one of the highest of any med I've seen. Your doc made a wise decision trying not to overload you; you did say you give blood for a liver panel every 45 days right? I'm sure you'll be fine.

In my experience, they both work just fine, and I often find myself changing back and forth from Soma to Zflex on a random day to day type basis. Soma helps my lower back tension and spasms better, whereas the Zflex helps pretty rapidly when I feel a pulled/strained muscle w/knots in my upper back coming on.

No problems here with Soma relaxing 'every' muscle in the body, must be a hit or miss thing. Hope it works out for you.


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I took Zanaflex for the

I took Zanaflex for the first time last night and it relaxed everything. The only thing that bothered me was I felt a little sick to my stomach. I took it on an empty tummy, did you guys have this problem?

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I tried Zanaflex today...

I don't really like it to be honest. Sure it relaxes my muscles, but it made me so sleepy the first time I slept 5 hours today.
I've been taking soma for over a year, and I will switch back tomorrow.
My doctor switched me, because he thought the effects of soma were wearing off on me, but honestly I don't like the feel of this one.
I've been having little burning / stinging feeling on my feet or lips and I never had that before.
I've tried baclofen , flexeril , amrix, soma, and I really only like Soma or Amrix. I just can't afford Amrix anymore though, but for a long lasting capsule it worked well.

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Has been a wonderful addition to my blend of medications. I take 26 to 28 mg a day depending on how I feel. I haven't ever taken Soma, but have tried Baclofen and several others, none of which produce the results that Zanaflex does.

I don't drink alcohol and watch my Tylenol intake and get liver panels every 6 months. I hope to keep things functioning well for many moons to come.

ButterflyPain, Zanaflex takes some adjustment time. Taking it for one day and then giving up on it is like robbing yourself of the chance of good relief. I had to start out on 2mg doses and work my way up over several months.

broskisr, Zanaflex works differently for me depending on whether I take it on an empty or full stomach. If I take it with food, it hits me so fast it's unbelievable, so I try to avoid mealtimes. Also the capsule vs pill form is a much more stable release for me.

Ron, good luck with the Soma. I hope it helps.


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Do you get the upset tummy

Do you get the upset tummy with Zanaflex? I havent tried to take it with food yet.

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I have a bottle of Zanaflex

I have a bottle of Zanaflex from January 2009, Its still full. I cant take the side effects. Dry mouth, dizzy when standing just loopy. It does work for spasms. Good luck with the soma

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Hi all, I got my doctor to

Hi all,

I got my doctor to let me try Soma today. I take zanaflex 8mg a night and sometimes 4mg during the day. The effects were wearing off it seems and I'm having hit after hit of muscle spasms from above my knee down to my ankle (not to mention my neck tightness)...I can't tell that I took the soma...took it more than an hour ago. Still having the spasms. I wonder if its ok to take my zanaflex too...I'm thinking of just taking 4mg. I don't know why its not working...I thought soma was stronger, but now think zanaflex is. I have a Rx for Amrix too, but it is pricier and currently do not have any. Oh well...I hate these spasms!!!!