What is the equivalent dose for the ER version of oxycodone?

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What is the equivalent dose for the ER version of oxycodone?

I have been taking between 4-8 oxycodone 5mg pills on and off for almost a year to ease my back pain and sciatica. About a month ago I noticed they started being less effective and at times leaving me in tremendous pain.

I have been given a Rx for Oxycontin, the ER version 2x a day. The doctor said to start at two 20mg pills each day but I might need to go up to 40mg 2x per day.

How do you compare the two? is 8 x 5 mg (40mg) the same as 2x20 mg ER or is not really apples to apples?

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Hi Jason and Welcome

The oxycontin ER lasts 12 hours. Divide the dose by 12(hours) and you'll get the dosage per hour. You can call your Pharmacist to clarify that for you. 20mg dividies by 12 and 40 mg divided by 12 and you'll see how much you need every hour. I use 120 mg ER ms contin so I believe it's 5mg/hr for me. Keep your Dr iinformed of the pain and break through pain. I had to go to my Dr several times to get the dose to a tolerable level. Good luck and anyone correct my math as I didn't use a calculator. Take care. Charry

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i have just gone from

2x40mg 2 times a day of oxycontin {sustained release} to 1x80mg of oxycontin 2 times a day {sustained release} and i am getting better pain relief i also take the 20mg oxynorm {instant release its more like 20 mins later!}i take 2x20mg 3 times a day OR 1x20 mg 6 times a day depending on how sever my pain is ..bear in mind i started on 10mg 2x a day 3 years ago!! ..your body will get used to any drug that's why i posted the importance's of regular drug reviews with your doctor post the other week or so.oxycontin is twice a strong as morphine however when taken by mouth it only last about half as long as morphine .it is less sedating and less constipating than morphine and seems to be better tolerated {in my doctors list of patients }than morphine.it also cost about ten time more than generic morphine !!!! .if you are not getting adequet pain control please go to your doctor and be honist with him/her about your drug requirments .dont let youself run out of this type of drug as you will visit hell and back with withdrawal! {i speak from experaince}

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According to the package insert


Page 22 -

2. When converting from oxycodone, divide the 24-hour oxycodone dose in half to obtain the twice a day (q12h) dose of OxyContin.

3. Round down to a dose which is appropriate for the tablet strengths available.

Those package inserts are handy little things... Wink