1 Month After Surgery

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1 Month After Surgery

I had a Spinal Fusion on the 10th of March and feel like I made a huge mistake, I must admit my back looks great and the pain has eased but I have to wear this body brace for 3 months and its so uncomfortable, plus im finding it hard to do thing I use to have no trouble doing for example going to the loo, showering/bathing, does anyone else think it was a mistake to have the surgery or am I just moaning over nothing? I could really do with some help.

thanks Mark

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You havnt said how many levels you had fused, BUT, I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. You said you are healing, thats good, you have less pain, isnt that the reason for the surgery? Yes, you are not going to be able to do things you do for a while. You should have been told that before surgery. In three months the brace will be gone, hopefully, and you will be well on your way to recovery. Just make sure you do what the Dr says, No bending twisting, lifting, reaching above head. And you should be great in 6 months to a year.
I am 15 months post fusion 2 levels and are on fentanyl patches and oxycodone for pain. It has never really eased up since surgery, so please count your blessings.
I am not trying to be harsh on you, sorry. You just need to remember it is a MAJOR surgery and it takes months to recover and heal. You are doing well, and hopefully walking every day to build you strength up.
Dont get discouraged, if you do, we are here to help you. You have the worst behind you and it should get better week by week. Keep your chin up, get out and take a walk and absorb some sunshine. It always helps my attitude. Good Luck and keep on healing and remember, we are here for you when you need someone to cheer you on! Take care, Robin

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Hey Mark' As Robin said, count your blessing that fusion helped the pain. 3 months in a brace is a small price to pay for a life time of being out of pain or even less pain. For some here who had failed back surgery and ended up in more pain after surgery, you talking small potatoes having to wear the brace and having a rough time doing a few thing during recovery if it pays off. It sounds like maybe it worked for you so make sure you heal and dont mess it up by doing something that you should not do. Any back surgery is serious business. Good luck man' keep us posted how you are recovering. sincerely yours;;Alexhurting

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I am a neckie via surgery, but soon to be a 'backie' of the L2/3/4, and from what you are describing you are actually on the upswing! For both of my cervical fusions I was in a hard neck collar - yep hated it, but I knew that part was short lived. Did it restrict me from doing things? You betcha! That isn't a bad thing. It sounds like you are already seeing improvement, and you are EARLY in your recovery. Just baby yourself a bit, and let your body adjust to the changes and hopefully all will work out fine. Just remember, you are going to heal into a "new normal" for the most part.

Positive energy your way Mark! I hope you continue to see improvement. Remember, some days will be "bad" days, but they should be less and less. Take care. *hug*


Ps.. "moaning over nothing" - this is all new for you, as is for us when we go through surgery. You are never "moaning" with us! Smile

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Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for the replys

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Hi Mark

Welcome to Spine-Health.

I'm just over three month post-op from an L4/5 TLIF. I was just released from my brace and am in PT, and still have bad days. You're very, very early in your recovery and it's too soon to think it's a mistake. It can take six months to a year to feel back to normal, so try to be patient.

It would be nice if spine fusion surgery was like breaking a leg or an arm, but it's far from it and the recovery is a long one.

Hang in there. Things do get better. Try and look at your progress in weeks, not days, and sometime it might be a few weeks before you feel progress.

Take care, Mark. We'll be here to help you.

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Hey there..

It's always easy to 2nd guess ourselves when we are having a down day. It seems you are not regretting the surgery but rather upset over the fact that you had to decide to have surgery.

I hope tomorrow is a good day.

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I hope you'll be surprised

I hope you'll be surprised to find out that your fusion wasn't a mistake ag all! You are just a month post op. If you think about it all major surgery takes 6-8 weeks to heal and feel better! And you just had one of the hardest surgeries there is! It sounds like you are doing really well so far compare to many spineys here. I'll just bet you'll be thankful and keep reporting progress to us as time goes by! Hey, we all have the same troubles you are experiencing the first few months. Everyone gets down sometimes because we can't do what we think we should. I know from experience that you will look back and remember when you "couldn't" and how much better you "can" do things now! Just take it easy and do what your dr tells you to do and you will feel better with time! Good luck!


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5 months post op L4/5 one

5 months post op L4/5 one level fusion. I FEEL LIKE CRAP. I want to slap my surgeon. I hope you continue to heal well.


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Hey - I was just over 5

Hey - I was just over 5 months post op before I felt better. And then I got another muscle spasm to knock me back again.
Really it takes its time but I went into it thinking short term pain (like 2 years) for long term gain (like the rest of my life). Somedays it helps to look at the big picture.
Also, I didn't do this but others do, try recording what you can do each day and watch as the things on the list gets bigger.
Good luck.