Lumbar 3 - Sacral 1 Decompression and Fusion

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Lumbar 3 - Sacral 1 Decompression and Fusion

I'm having the Lumbar 3 - Sacral 1 Decompression and Fusion with possible (TLIF) Transforminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion surgery on August 8th. I'm not scared about the surgery just anxious about the recovery. I really liked what one person had to say about being so gung ho about once he was walking he walked every dayand every waking hour and his recovery went very well!! God Bless!

I am going into this with the same mind set that I'm going to do this right (I have a wonderful inspiration to DO IT). A beautiful 1 year old grand daughter that I'll be spending a week with about 6 weeks after surgery. I want to be in as good of shape as possible at that point so I'm like as ready as I'm gonna get!

I noticed that there hasn't been any postings on here for years so I thought ok, lets try this.

Some people mentioned that the following were helpful once home to make recovery a little easier:
Raised Toilet Seat
Satin Sheets and pajamas, if possible (make it easier to position in bed)
Books, music, tv, etc.
Any other suggestions? Any suggestions on recovery? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi Linda and welcome ...

welcome to Spine Health.

I had a decompression and fusion of L4/5 done over 3 years ago and it was very successful at dealing with my bilateral sciatica and lower back pain. I hope that you will get as much relief as I did. I walked every day, starting off slowly and gradually building up to a couple of miles a day. I still do that to try to keep my spinal as good as I can. I do have degeneration throughout my spine and had a 2 level ACDF (neck fusion) done 8 months ago. I have just started to have 1:1 Pilates sessions to get back as much strength and mobility as I can. My surgeon cleared me for this but did say that it must be Clinical Pilates and I must let the instructor know about my spinal problems.

Some other things that I found useful after surgery once I got home were;
a grabber - I think that is essential. You will be surprised how often you drop things!
a turntable seat - I found this useful to sit up at the dining table. I could sit on it and spin round to have my knees under the table. As it made me higher, I used a lap tray with a cushion attached to put my meal on.
a suction grab handle - I had two of these in the bathroom over the bath where our shower is located
a shower stool - in the early days this was very helpful as I would feel so tired and later meant that I could wash my feet myself and even managed to shave my legs by sitting on it and putting my foot on the side of the bath.
lots of pillows and cushion - to help to get yourself into a comfortable position

I suggest that you place all items that you use regularly at waist height so that you can reach them without bending, reaching or stretching.

Have you seen the thread about useful items for after surgery? It is at the top of the Back and Neck Surgery thread. If you can't find it let me know and I'll post a link to it. It has things for neck surgery as well as back surgery, but it helps you to think about what you are likely to need.

Do ask any other questions that you think of. :-)
Looking forward to getting to know you better.