Lump under incision after ACFD

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Lump under incision after ACFD

Hi. I am new at this. I had ACDF surgery on the 5th of March and have developed a hard lump under the incision. It is slowly reducing in size but still have me concerned. This lump seems to be pushing on my throat making it hard to swallow. My diet is basicly liquid to this point. I see my NS in two days and I am sure he will be able to let me know what this lump is. Has anyone had this same expierence? Hoping someone could tell me this lump is and when it will go away!

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Lump in Your Throat :-)

Hi mjlstudios Wave ,

First let me say welcome to the Spine-Health Website =D> . You have found a wonderful site to meet people whom can truely empathize with you and what you are going through. Lots of good information too.

When I had my 2 level ACDF in June 2009, my incision was kinda hard too. This was due to the manner in which the surgeon closed the incision. Gradually went away as the incision site healed. Can't even see the incision scar now. Also he mentioned I might have a sore throat and some trouble swallowing because of the location my my surgery at C5/6 &C6/7. Did your surgeon or the hospital staff give you any kind of discharge information that would tell you what you might expect after you went home? Mine did. Just listed a few things that were pretty commonplace after this type of surgery. Surgeon did said that if I felt anything was REALLY to an extreme, I was to call his office. Please take your concerns to your appointment!! Have him/her explain what he/she did exactly, if you're up to listening to that kind of talk. Again, welcome aboard and keep us posted. Glad you found us. Hurry back Hug


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lump under incision...

Hi Mjlstudios, I'm almost 4 wks. post op a 2 level ACDF and I too had a large but soft lump under my incision. I had internal dissolvable sutures. The lump was almost egg size at first, then gradually reduced in size but still very tender. When I had my 2 wk. check the doctor said it was a 'seroma' and would gradually absorb and go away. It is basically a buildup of drainage (even tho I had a drain after surgery)He said to keep icing it. Last week it started to ooze pale pink fluid, my doc put me on antibiotics just to be sure I didn't get an infection. At this point the lump is much smaller but now very firm and I worry that I might have a permanent lump from scar tissue. I'm planning to call my doctor's office tomorrow to ask again if I should worry, I don't press on it to try to drain it, he said it should be kept firmer with icing and he didn't particularly want it to drain. Not a problem I expected to have but seems to be a fairly common one with these types of incisions? If you do a search of this site you can read about others 'seromas' and 'hematomas'. Check with your doctor to see what he advises, and I'd appreciate hearing what your doctor tells you. My reply is only to tell you about my situation and what my doctor told me, not meant as advice. Hopefully our lumps will just go away eventually...but it is kind of worrisome. I haven't read any posts about anyone having a permanent lump as a residual from their surgery.

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Incision lump

I'm 5 weeks post-op from ACDF. The best way I can describe mine is that it feels like there is a piece of rope under my incision area. The incision is hardly noticeable but it feels pretty gross. I think it's slowly getting a little better.