Paralysis after spinal cord stimulator

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Paralysis after spinal cord stimulator

I had surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator put in on February 17, 2011. The next day I had to be rushed to the hospital because I never came out of the anesthesia which caused many other complications. Six day later after the surgery I am a paraplegic. Has anyone suffer paralysis after have the stimulator put in? Worried

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Are you able

to use your lower extremities at all? Do you have help with your basic needs? Did you have the SCS removed?

My Pm doctor has been insisting that I have a SCS, but as you have dealt with first hand, I am scared of all the complications.

My thoughts are with you!


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moabitess wrote:...because I

moabitess wrote:
...because I never came out of the anesthesia...

What does that mean?

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Have you had any spine

Have you had any spine surgery before this surgery of the scs? And if yes have you had any complicarions while under aneshesia? Also was your scs surgery not done in a hospital seting where you would of been in the hospital already in case of any complicarions?

Please give us a further detail information so we have a beter understanding how and why this came about. Thanks and best wishes"

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Hi - I have been searching

Hi - I have been searching the web for any known paralysis problems with a spinal stimulator. My dad had one inserted in March and he developed a haematoma after the surgery so they took him back to theatre for a cord decompression but 7 months later he is paralysed. It is terrible!!!