Burning Nerves procedure

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Burning Nerves procedure

Hi, I'm new to this forum & happy to have found you. I haven't listed all my issues, because there is something wrong with every disc in my lower back, & I need to go through all my MIT & X-Ray & write down the specifics of each disc. They include bulging, herniated, spurrs, scoliosis, & bad bursitis in my left hip. I've done the cortisone shots, did nothing. Two steroid epidurals, which helped a lot, but not for very long. Lucky me, I have an extremely high tolerance to drugs, & it takes a lot to give me any kind of relief. So Wednesday I had the procedure where they burn the nerves (they did 6). Sorry I can't remember the actual name of it. Waaay more painful than the other epidurals. Within less than 2 hours I had 250 mg of demoral & some versed & finally calmed down enough to go home. I am still really sore, & my question is how long does that last? I heard somewhere that the more painful the procedure is, the more likely they hit the right spot. Is that true? Appreciate all thoughts & opinions

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It's called rhizotomy, I

It's called rhizotomy, I think. My previous PM doc wanted to do one on me after three sets of facet injections were helpful. I got scared off once I heard what he was going to do, so I can't give you any experience. Just giving you the name so you can search on the excellent Spine Health resources for more info. I know it takes time for the nerves to calm down after being aggravated like that, but the good news is, rhizotomies can last for up to one year before you have to undergo the procedure again. Hope you get some relief soon, and that it lasts for you.

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