caudal steroid injection

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caudal steroid injection

hello all and just wondering if anyone has had a caudal steroid injection befor its where they go in through your tailbone i have to have one next month and was just wondering if anyone has any imput on this thanks wanda

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I had one post my first

I had one post my first fusion and it only made my pain levels go through the roof for the following two weeks.
I have read in several studies and reports that steriod injections seem to have the best results in the first three months from onset of symptoms. But that is just my experience .
I hope yours turns out much better than mine did.

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I am so grateful to read your post. I've just had this happen after Pelvic/groin/inguinal nerve injections and have been through a nightmare and FIRESTORM of pain inside and out and in places I had never felt pain.

I'm soooooo glad to hear it subsided.

Read my post for my Doc's awful on top of it.

When I left the facility .......I had pain.....I had new pain.......I was never fully numb and had terrible pain that day. The next day things were better.....numb.

Saturday.......I went into the nightmare. This is the 10th day after. I can only pray this goes away. SOOOOOOO DEPRESSED. It was good to read of your experience. I was beginning to think I WAS the one that was CRAZY, but I know it's my DOC.

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After my first injection I was in quite a bit of pain for about the first 10 days, and then gradually it got better.
My second was not as bad and I was able to go back to work the day after.
Are you going to have a second injection?


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I had a curdal b4 my last

I had a curdal b4 my last surgery and i was in pain 4 a couple days and then started feeling better by the time i went back to work and got off the meds i felt good for about 5 days and was right back to square one and i even have pain at the spot of the injection . I hope it works out better for you

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How did it go?

I just had one and it is has been the best relief I've had in 2 years, more so than surgery. I am curious what your experience has been.

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Caudal steroidal injection

I just had one this afternoon for nerve pain in my lower right leg. I am pretty sore tonight. I'll let you know in a couple of days how it works. The injection wasn't painful at all. They gave me an IV with a pain meds prior to the injection.

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I had one on Au 29th and it

I had one on Au 29th and it was awesome for the first month, then when I went back to work on Sept 29th, the pain came back. Im having another one on Nov 19th. Im really looking forward to it and the relief it gave me. The whole process was very delightful. All the staff, nurses and anethesiologist were all so nice. The place had a 'Spa-like" atmosphere. I didnt want to leave. They also give ya relaxing meds and pain meds thru an IV. They said I was singing in recovery. Rolling