Cervical Epidural Injection last week at C-6 nerve root

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Cervical Epidural Injection last week at C-6 nerve root

I wanted to share my story with anyone considering a Cervical Epidurla Steriod injection. I had mine last week and the procedure only lasted 10 minutes. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be and there was:

NO Sedation due to the Doc wanting to be able to talk to you and know what your experiencing, as sedated would put yoiu out and there could be problmes without the patient communicating.

Done through the FRONT of the neck, so the discs epidural space is more accurately reached as well as more closert than a posterior (rear neck approach)

With FLouroscopy-Camera guidance to see the needle and die injected for accuraacy.

Have had decent relief, but have experienced dizziness for a week now. Not sure if its the Lyrica im on or from the injection.

I am scheduled for another one next week. Anyone have this done and did you experience any dizziness thanks!!!

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No one is coming at me with

No one is coming at me with a needle from the front without a fight! Evil They had better give me some joy juice before hand.

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c6 cervicle epidural injection from front of neck

I just had this done today as a matter of fact. It looks as though a vampire bit me on the right front side of my neck. I was however put out completely for it and very happy about not knowing that big needle was heading in for a landing through my neck into the spine. Anyway... I will let you know how I am feeling as the week goes on but for now, my neck is sore! The first shot was two weeks ago and it was in my neck at the back. I am affected at c5,6,7
Hang in there.

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Too Young?

I am a 27 year old female with multiple levels of degenerative disc protrusion. C3, C4, C6 are interior and C5 & C7 are anterior with anterior deformaties. It is mosted noted at C7/T1. I have pain and stiffness in my neck,headaches, servere muscle pain in shoulders, and pain that goes down both arms. How ever they say there is no evidence of nerve compression. I have had two sets of injections. The second one gave me some releif for a short time. I have not had any accidents and I work full time and have three hansom boys. Did any of you have this at a young age like me? After the first injection locked my neck up, I'm do not want to have surgery. They told me that I was headed to surgery in the future.