Epidural injection L4-L5 -

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Epidural injection L4-L5 -

last year I was involved in a accident and suffer with lower back pain. The pain was excoriating and have had a sharp, dull achy pain unbearable. After a few months a MRI was ordered and I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in L4-5 and L-5 S1 and bulge disk. The GP put me on norcos then eventually sent to a pain management center. In which my doctor put me on oxy 15mg 4x a day, which subsided the pain for the last 9 months and has allowed me to function. But some days are better than others. I’m on my feet 10 hours a day 5 days a week standing up because of my job which has made it difficult. After wating for months and months for approval for the prodecure from the insurance company and my hesitation from unexpected circumstances. I could not bare the pain any longer and finally decided to do the epidural injection which was 2 weeks ago. The first 2 days I was very sore and painfull I was in ben with ice packs. I’ve only have about 20% relief and am still in quite a bit of pain. My doctor said this is a 3 stage process for the injections and will be getting 2 more. But is this common ? I know it varies on person to person but is this typical to only receive this amount of relief? Will he go ahead with the 2 others shots?
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Wow... Norcos & Oxy, yet you

Wow... Norcos & Oxy, yet you still feel pain. I hope to someday read here that you are feeling better and off those meds.

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epidurals in 3 stages

Kyle151 Hi today I call myself color me mad. I have had problems with spinal issues most of my life. I began epidural treatments in 2006. They usually give 3 shots 2 weeks apart in 3 different areas of spinel After the first year I was fine for 1-2 years at a time. Trust me, my spind is a mess. disc 2,3,4,5 , bulging, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. I usually have a steroid called Kenaglog or something like that. no side effects. felt like dancing after shots. this time dr, did not listen and used a different drug and I am having leg cramps, sleeplessness, itches, moods, and pain, so, know what steroid you have, blessings and hope you get better and better.