Facet injections & Nerve block- how does it feel when it WORKS?

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Facet injections & Nerve block- how does it feel when it WORKS?

Okay, almost 5 days after first Cervical Facet injections and Occipital Nerve Block, I'm not going to take meds today to feel and document what is going on.
I really think that the injections were right on b/c they hurt like hell right at the source of that issue. I've read that if they did work, I'll be relieved, but does that mean MOSTLY relieved with a little of the same pain here and there, or totally relieved unless or until it wears off?
Also, I have faith in this procedure, but I'm willing to do it again to really get this fixed.
How will I know if I need another round?
Thanks for any input!

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i had a nerve root injection

i had a nerve root injection after herniated l5S1 - it hurt like hell and i said i would give birth to ten more kids before i ever did that again. For me , surgery was my only option.

That being said, I had 6 facet joint injections in March and they lasted for only a month and i had lots of side effects. However the relief I got was beautiful and i just had another 6 yesterday. Today is great - I cant believe i can move so well.

I know i have hot flush and headaches and will get heart burn soon, BUT if it helps me start to exercise i will be happy. off to physio on thurs to get moving on the exercise (also have hip steroid injection thurs too).

So good luck , I hope it works. Some people have a nerve root and its great, others it makes no difference. my surgeon said if it doesnt work it wont. Pretty much same with the steroid. however i know steroids can take a few hits to work, so here's hoping Smile

Let us know how you go.

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trying to understand what i feel

Its been a week today since FJ Injections and Occipital Nerve Block and I can say that I know we hit the right spots, but looking into things, I'd liked to have gone into the C5 as well (just did C2-C4). I definitely still feel what goes into my shoulder, elbow, & wrist at times and I've dropped a glass and a bowl doing dishes. =(
I found out that I had the steroids injected and it seems that they did kick in after a few days, minimizing pressure and some sort of nerve issues, but today is a HORRIBLE day! Like, a crying kind of day. The doc said this is a flare up and they'll happen. No Joke! The Occipital Nerve block isn't flaring up much I don't think. Its all just bad and hot and throbbing, I'm in a constant squint- not cute!
I'm hopeful because the doc seems on the right track, but like he said, the injury is at over a year, the pain is chronic, and it wont be an instant thing. It could be worse and at least I'm on some path to making things better.
The support and information here is priceless!

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3months post ablation, Pins and Needles?

3months post ablation... bad occipital headaches I complained about earlier are very rare now (I guess I was impatient) as are the few spasms that come and go. About %80 relief... YAY!!! I wake up and just get out of bed like I used to! I've actually forgotten to flinch when I reach up or turn to the side from fear of pain.

I do feel pins and needles at the site. There is no pain with this, just that pins and needles feeling after a limb has fallen asleep kind of thing. I don't recall hearing that these would come. It is definitely in that area, on that side and at random times with no apparent cause.