How long do they last?

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How long do they last?

Wink Hi there Smile ,

How are you all? I am in plenty of pain. I was having back pain and leg pain and my surgeon tried me with nerve root block and facet joint injcetions. Well... all the leg pain has gone which I am so happy about. But my back pain is still there and causing me problems. On a normal day it's hard for me to sit down then stand up again. My surgeon has said I have facet joint syndrome at L4-S1. I have done physio therapy, the injcetions. What other treatment is there for me? And my main question is how long will the leg pain relief last? I am so scared that it could come back at any moment.

Sorry for going on a bit.

Hope all is well and good in the hood,

Lyssie xx

tothetune (not verified)
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How long?

I have a bulging disc at L3 and stenosis. The initial episode of pain, 2 months ago, was horrendous. The epidural worked great right away. After a month I got some minor leg pain returning but it's nothing compared to what it was. If it gets worse I wouldn't hesitate to get another epidural. I do a lot of preventative exercise now.

dwdarling (not verified)
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My longest lasting shot was almost 7 months for C-6-7 shot, 4 months for an L4-5 shot. No more for me please.