Injections in the pelvis/groin

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Anonymous (not verified)
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Injections in the pelvis/groin

I will be having this on Tuesday for pelvic floor and groin
pain that has continued after bad fall down stairs.

Had SI Joint injection and it helped a lot, but this groin thing (oseitis pubis) has been the nightmare.

Anyone have injections in the groin ?

UGH..........just sounds back NO ?

milliekeylargo (not verified)
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Ouch just thinking about it it hurts! Sad I hope that they will sedate you! good luck!

Shug60 (not verified)
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Ahhhhhh, that's what VERSED is for :)


ksben (not verified)
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let us know

anxious to hear how this goes and if it helps with the pain.
I don't have any ESI's without glad I have that option!!!


sharpie60 (not verified)
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Injections in the pelvis/groin

I have had both injections directly in groin- did not help me.
And I have had injections in L2, 3, 4, that helped tremendously.

I could feel the med going along the nerve to the groin.

In 48 hrs I had some relief and now in two weeks I do not have pressure while driving. sitting, in the groin area,

I have had SI also and am going back next 3 Saturdays formore shots.

Recomended by Pain Management Md.
Big help.

Betty RI
PLIF OCT 15 2007
Re occurrence of pain, Apr 23, 2008 due to settling of spine.