MRI Results/Treatment L5-S1 Annular Tear

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MRI Results/Treatment L5-S1 Annular Tear

I recently had a MRI on my lumbar spine due to significant chronic right abdominal pain radiating into my groin, I also developed the same pain going into my left groin. Along with all this pain I have right lower back pain going into my buttocks but no sciatic pain at all. I had the epidural steroid injections on the 12th of Oct but only relief has been the left groin pain, back pain is not as intense but the other pain is just as bad. I cannot sit more than a few minutes without the pain getting severe. Laying down gives me relief but at this point pain is still a 4/10 laying flat. I'm scheduled to have the 2nd series of shots this Wednesday.

I do not understand my MRI so was hoping someone can explain it to me in a way that I will.

Normal signal intensity terminating at L1-L2
Vertabral body heights maintained
No spondylolisisthesis, no suspicious marrow signal abnormality
Disc desiccation with disc spacing narrowing L5-S1
On the saggital sequences, there is shallow central disc protrusion at L1-L2 without central or foraminal narrowing.
No disc bulge or herniation or central or foraminal narrowing L2-L3, L3-L4 or L4-L5.
At L5-S1, central disc protrusion with annular tear and ligamentum flavum redundancy. Moderate canal narrowing. No foraminal narrowing

IMPRESSION: L5-S1 disc protrusion resulting in moderate central stenosis but no foraminal narrowing.

Questions are, will the injections help in the long run. Am I likely to need surgery? Do I see a orthopedic doctor or a neurosurgeon? I've only seen my family doctor and a spine/pain doctor.

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Hi Judy

Welcome to spine health. We are glad to have you here, but sorry that back problems have brought you here.

It is always a good idea to see a fellowship trained orthopedic or neurosurgeon to get their opinion. We are not able to interpret MRI findings, but a surgeon will be able to explain things to you.

Just because you see a surgeon, it does not necessarily mean surgery. They often try many different conservative measures, such as the epiderals that you are trying. Everyone has their own preference for either ortho or neuro. Have you tried ice, heat or a tens unit to help with pain? Are you on any pain meds?

Wishing you all the best, look forward to hearing more from you.

Hug Karen

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