POLL - Do Spinal Injections Work?

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POLL - Do Spinal Injections Work?

November 2007:
Site of Injection(s): L5-S1
Type of problem: Herniated disc L5-S1
Three days in a row. Cortisone, fentanyl, cortisone.

Microdisc/Lami - Feb. 2008 L5-S1

June & July 2008:
Site of injection(s): L5-S1 & L4-L5
Type of problem: Scar Tissue L5-S1 & Herniated Disc L4-L5
One shot of cortisone per week, three weeks in a row.

Did the shots help me?
Survey Says! (That is my Family Feud Impression - mental image: Richard Dawson)

RottenBraten (not verified)
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Poor Cranky Gril....

They didn't work for me either. I had a serious of 3 before my surgery...sorry chica!

steelskyway (not verified)
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Did not work for me. I always think of them as a bandaid and not a cure to an underlying problem. I agree with conservative tx., but if the end result will be surgery get it over with to get on with a healthy life.

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not me either. The only thing that did work was the rhizotomys.

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But it is important to keep in mind that everyone is different. Even two people with the exact same diagnosis of the same age, gender, fitness level, etc, can have two totally different experiences. For me, when I had them the first time a few years ago, I just had one and saw tremendous help. This last year when I had them I saw very little in the first, a bit more in the second, and good results with the third. So, even for the same person, two different experiences.

Overall, for me, a yes.

markm0320 (not verified)
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Yes for me

Overall in the past 13 years I have had probably 50 shots total. They always seem to help me. Some are longer lasting than others but always seems to be worth it to me. I also had extreme success with the neurotomies. Getting injections over the past 12 months especially has been the best thing I have ever done! It has allowed me to decrease the amount of medication I take and at the same time increase my quality of life.


carr28 (not verified)
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The first one helped me A

The first one helped me A LOT for about 2 weeks. I started pt and got worse. Had my second followed closly by my third and they didn't help me at all. I honestly belive that if I hadn't of gone to pt all of the injections would have helped me.

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No, but I had mine post op.

No, but I had mine post op. The first one was a caudal esi, which only made things worse, and increased pain levels through the roof for about 10 days. The second one was a selective nerve root block, which did nothing. Thankfully, no increase in pain levels either, but no relief either.
I don't believe they help the majority of people. There are studies out there that suggest that esi's are only beneficial in some cases and those are the ones who are 3 months or less from onset of symptoms, and they are at best a temporary "bandaid", which does nothing to treat the underlying cause of the problem.
Just my observations on them.

Twisted2 (not verified)
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Yes, but had side effects

I had 2 sets 2 ESI's 10/17 & 10'31. I felt great the whole month of November but could feel the pain coming back in December. I decided not to have more injections because of the side effects. I had hot flashes, extremely dry skin and menstral problems.

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1 OUT OF 4

Had my first one in 6/04.The next flare up bad enough to put me "out of order" happened in 11/06.I was like,WOW,let's go and have another one,and another one,and trigger point inj.At this point I run out of luck,no help from either one.After I went thru hell with the disk infection post op,nobody will stick a f*****g needle in my body unless it is a life saving procedure.ESI's are almost useless IMO.


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Paul,my hat is off to you!!!BTW,didn't you start the lumbar ones not too long ago?If so,6 seem to be a little too much. Just asking...Wasn't there some kind of limit per year?