Night Before Christmas Can Impair Sleep Patterns, Survey Finds

1 in 6 Americans Expect to Lose Sleep as Result of Holiday-Related Stress

It is generally understood that stress can disrupt normal sleep patterns, especially for patients suffering from chronic pain, and now a new survey reveals that 17% of Americans expect to lose sleep as a result of stress around the holidays.

According to a year-end survey from that included a nationally representative sample of approximately 1,001 Americans, 1 in 6 people estimated that they will lose sleep because of holiday stress, with parents more affected than children.

More specifically, 66% of mothers and fathers noted in the survey that they expect to get less than 6 hours of sleep the night before gift-giving, which may not bode well for Christmas Eve. Of course, it is recommended that the average adult receive 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Interestingly enough, 6% of survey respondents indicated that they looked forward to sleep more than anything else during the holidays, with this finding only slightly below the 7.7% of Americans who said that they were most excited about giving and receiving gifts.

According to the survey, various factors may contribute to holiday-related stress and disruptions in sleep, including extra obligations, time constraints and worries more than ever this year about affording the holidays.

During and outside the holidays, sleep may be affected by more than stress, including chronic pain, poor sleeping habits, inadequate mattress and pillow support, and many other factors.

Patients who struggle with consistent sleep may consider seeing a sleep therapist who can evaluate sleeping habits and provide more information on possible treatments involving medications, sleeping aids, psychological techniques, sleep environment and better sleep hygiene.

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