Video Transcript

My name is Ron DiLauro. I’m a 65-year-old male that has had a number of spinal conditions, starting in 1978 and continuing up to this year.

Not all spinal [conditions]—I had 7 spinal [surgeries], both shoulders replaced, both hips replaced, ankle/achilles tendon—I’ve had a number of surgeries, all related to spinal conditions.

Currently, I am—fortunately—a moderator for Spine-health. I’ve been associated with Spine-health now for over 10 years: initially as a volunteer, and, luckily, just the past several months I’ve been able to participate directly with the company.

That has been, probably, one of my most positive and uplifting activities I’ve done in a long time. Since I’ve retired—35 years at IBM—this is the perfect job for me.